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Best Answers To Your Criminal Defense FAQS- Guest Post


A run in with the criminal justice system is easily one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in. Regardless of the reason for the arrest and the circumstances surrounding your case, you will need all the help you can get if you want to achieve the best possible outcome.

It’s never a good idea for the accused to represent himself in court. Aside from the obvious reasons (i.e., lack of knowledge, skill, resources, etc.), the prosecution is known to seek for the severest possible penalties for criminal cases. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you obtain a lighter charge, if not eliminate your criminal charges altogether.

The criminal justice system in the United States can move swiftly, which is why you need to find a lawyer as soon as possible — ideally, immediately after your arrest. This is a crucial step if you want to protect your rights and fight the charges against you. Also, never disclose details about the incident to anyone, except for your lawyer. You have the right to refuse to answer any questions the police ask you. Anything you say can potentially be used against you in court.

If you can’t afford to hire your own attorney, the court will assign you a public defender. Financial advantages aside, however, going with a court-appointed attorney may not be the best choice. Public defenders often juggle hundreds of cases at a time, which means they may not be able to give your case the time and attention it deserves. You need a reliable attorney, someone who can put in the requisite time and effort, to increase your chances of getting a favorable result.

Are you or your loved one facing criminal charges? Then you probably have thousands of questions waiting to be answered.

We know that being well-informed is important to your peace of mind, so we’ve answered some of the most frequently-asked questions about criminal defense in the infographic below.



What Happens When A Felon Is Caught With A Gun In New Orleans – Guest Post


gun crime lawyer

What Happens When A Felon Is Caught With A Gun In New Orleans

In Louisiana, a felon in possession of a firearm is charged with a felony offense that carries up to 15 years in prison. In New Orleans, the District Attorney’s Office prosecutes these cases aggressively and will typically offer plea bargains—such as five years probation—to reduce the sentence.

Felon in possession of a gun is one of the most serious crimes you can commit. If you are caught with a gun, it will be nearly impossible to avoid jail time, even if the weapon was not used or brandished. The penalties for this crime range from probation up to life imprisonment depending on your criminal history and other factors. Some people believe that many ex-convicts are innocent but are too scared to fight their case because they know what might happen if they lose.

In this article, we will go into more detail about what happens when a felon is caught with a gun in New Orleans.

The Cleansing Period

The provisions of this Section prohibit the possession and carrying of concealed weapons by felons who have not been convicted for 10 years after completing their sentence. However, these restrictions do not apply to those individuals that were granted an interim release from prison or mental institution.

This means that if you were convicted of a crime and served your time less than ten years ago, you’re committing a felony by even possessing a firearm in New Orleans.


Louisiana is known for its hard and fast laws on possession of illegal drugs, as well as illegal firearms. The punishment for violating the provisions of this Section shall be imprisonment at hard labor for not less than 5 nor more than 20 years without benefit of probation, parole, or suspended sentence and an extremely high fine.

is found guilty of attempting to violate the provisions of this Section shall be imprisoned at hard labor for not more than 7 1/2 years and fined not less than $500.00 nor more than 2,500 dollars

An individual can receive sentences ranging from fines up to imprisonment depending on the accusation. This crime is a felony.

Further Guidance

It is unlawful for any person who has been convicted of a felony to possess a firearm in New Orleans. Convicted felons are not allowed to possess dangerous instrumentalities like knives, bombs, or guns without express written permission from the government. Failure to abide by the law comes with serious consequences. If you are a previously convicted felon and you are convicted of gun possession, you are already working with a strike against you. It is vital to do what you can to protect your rights.

Should you find yourself in a gun-related charge in New Orleans, your first and most important priority should be to secure legal counsel. It is vital to hire an attorney that specializes in this type of criminal law to protect and advise you of your rights. This is not a situation that you can handle on your own and we urge you to seek a lawyer with the experience and education necessary to defend you.

The Take-Away

When you are facing criminal charges, it is always best to consult an attorney that specializes in criminal law. Only an experienced attorney can properly assist you with any criminal or felony charges. In this article, we have provided an overview of what happens when a felon is caught with a gun in New Orleans.

What Are Some Major Differences Between Concurrent And Consecutive Sentences- Guest Post



One of the most common things that many people want to know is what are the major differences between concurrent and consecutive sentences. If you are here, then you are one of those who are looking for answers. Many times, a convicted person gets one trial for multiple offenses. For example, suppose the person committed theft; he/she might be accused of being found guilty of causing harm and theft.

In these circumstances, he/she might get imprisoned for both crimes. So, the person might get 2 years and 1-year imprisonment for both crimes. Now, the question that arises is whether the person will get the longest sentence for 3 years as an aggregate or both sentences should run together, which means 2 years of imprisonment. So, let’s learn what concurrent and consecutive sentences mean.

What Are Concurrent Sentences?  

Concurrent sentences mean when more than one sentence runs simultaneously. So, the accused have to serve multiple sentences at the same time. It means the defendant will be able to serve the short sentence while serving the longest sentence. So, in short, with the concurrent sentences, the defender will get less jail time.

For example, if someone is convicted for 10 years and 8 years in jail for two offenses, then the criminal will serve both sentences at the same time. By the time the convicted will end the 10 year jail time, 8 years will be done. So, instead of 18 years of jail, he will be serving 10 years for both crimes. The short sentence will be covered when the longest prison sentence is served.

What Are Consecutive Sentences? 

Consecutive sentences mean the convicted will need to complete a sentence before serving another. Unlike concurrent sentences, this sentence maximizes the time of stay in jail. So if the accused have 2 or more sentences, they have to complete the first one before starting the other one.

Suppose a criminal is convicted of two crimes and gets sentenced to 10 years and 8 years. So, they will need to serve the jail for 10 years first and then start serving the rest of 8 years. It becomes a total of 18 years jail for them for both crimes. If the court orders consecutive sentences, it means the convict has to serve the longest sentence ever, unlike the concurrent sentences.

How Are Sentences Decided? 

Now, the question that remains, how the court decides the type of sentence for a criminal. They decide the sentences based on many different factors such as aggravating factors, mitigating factors, crime severity, and others. If someone is convicted for any serious crime like murder, then they usually get consecutive sentences.

Also, this sentence might be ordered if the convicted has committed another crime while serving jail for one crime. If the convicted is a habitual offender, then the person also has a high chance of getting consecutive sentences, and the longest prison sentence served. Finally, let’s take a look at some major differences.

Concurrent And Consecutive Sentences – Major Differences 

From all the above information, you might have got an idea about both these sentences. However, learning how it works will help you to know the differences. If you are unable to pinpoint the major differences between these 2 sentences, then here are some of the major differences given below.

  • While concurrent sentences shorten the jail time of a criminal, with consecutive sentences, the criminal has to go through the longest sentence. This is because they are decided based on many different factors such as the offenses, severity of offenses, mitigating factors, aggravating factors, etc.
  • The convicted person can finish their sentences simultaneously when they are ordered concurrent sentences. On the other hand, they can only start serving a sentence when they have finished another during consecutive sentences.
  • Consecutive sentences are ordered for severe crimes, and concurrent sentences are ordered for crimes that are not that serious. Some of these severe crimes include murder, armed robbery, first-degree burglary, and others.

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Defendant’s Rights At The Sentence Hearing

Before the sentence is ordered, the convict will get some chances to change the outcome. Here are some of the rights that defendants have during their sentencing.

  • Represented by an attorney
  • Be present during the hearing
  • Right to propose another sentence
  • Present evidence to improve the outcome

There are plenty of other rights available for the convicted. However, they do not have the right to cross-examine or confront the witnesses during the hearing.


Many people do not know the differences between consecutive and concurrent sentences. If you are one of them and looking for the opportunity to understand them better, then here is some information below that will help you know. Make sure to go through the differences along with other information to find out about the sentences.


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Get To Know The Strategy About Musca Law Against Criminal- Guest Post


Several types of news have been considered a matter of concern for most of the country. Some criminals are moving freely in some states, but it is imperative to provide them with some punishment if they do something wrong. Some laws have been set up for those who are regularly mistaken. But some actual criminals need not remain free in the country and need to be provided with an exemplary punishment so that they do not attempt such things in their upcoming life.

Criminal is the very saddest thing that is increasingly happened in any country. To stop such types of things, some punishments have been introduced that are provided to them from time to time if they are attempting such types of things. They are asked to pay some penalties and are often told to remain in jail for a particular period, and also this type of thing also consists of a death sentence to them. If they have done something very wrong, they can also be sentenced to death readily. There are few laws like Musca law that come cause Jacksonville criminal defense attorney responsible for helping people and protecting them to some extent in Florida.

The following are the strategies used by people working for musca law-

First of all, let’s consider some significant factors onwhich Jacksonville criminal defense attorneyhas been introduced and working. And those are listed below –

  • Carjacking
  • Sexual crimes
  • Burglary
  • DUI with injuries
  • Drug crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • BUI
  • Violent crimes
  • Internet crimes
  • Juvenile crime

Against all those factors is doing great for helping others and protecting their rights. Several steps are asked others to do while defending them against the steps they had taken.

  1. Be respectful– They always ask people who have attempted something wrong to remain respectful at the time of defending them. Either they approve for courtor anything else, it is crucial for an individual who has done something wrong to be respectful of other people if they want something best in their lives. Otherwise, it may cause harm to their life.
  1. Remain silent –A person needs to remain silent if they have attempted something wrong and want everything to be cleared out. Because the table speaks, it may get against them and their words and post them into a great cause. To avoid such a situation, they should remain their mouth shut for a few minutes and let lawyers do their work appropriately.
  1. Remain calm – For attempting such type of thing, it’s better to be silent, but along with that, you have to be patient for getting something good. Everything is not served to you like the best food. So you have to keep patience for receiving something better in your life. Because if you lose your patience and say something wrong, then it may go wrong towards the situation, and you have to face the consequences related to that stuff.

How much beneficial is to hire a criminal defense attorney?

There are many benefits indeed especially if you have been charged with DUI case. In such sort of critical situation, you need professional assistance. Only highly skilled and professional attorney can make your case stronger. At your own end, you need to take care of the above-mentioned aspects. Explain each aspect of your case to the attorney and help him out. Don’t try to hide any point which could hurt you badly while hearing.

Once you hire a good criminal defense lawyer, there is every possibility of escaping or you might only be charged with minimum punishment.

What Are Ofac Sanctions, And How Do You Avoid Them?- Guest Post



OFAC is a financial process, has got to do with all secret financial tools that are applied in American treasury, and mishandling it means to deal with the security segment of the American law for which better it should not be taken in wrong sense and should be considered with great care as meddling with them would lead to more severe sanctions and if your country record has been tracked then it can prove also severe financial response at global level by the United States for such particular country.

In case you have been trapped while facing credential cover, trying to come out in trouble of any financial misleads of your ticket in such finances, and wants legal support, then better come in touch of OFAC Sanction lawyer Washington DC, discuss your position and they would help you to settle on with your case related to such finances.

In case of disclosure to do, you want to close your segment out at American treasury and want to be left out from ticket at OFAC, then better come in touch of Voluntary Self-Disclosure Lawyer Washington DC, discuss your possessions and they would help you to fix it properly and get you out of such complicated financial process too.

Before you start to get worried on the subject of OFAC, it’s essential to clear few basic elements and they may include:

  • Its a complicated legal financial chain system
  • Require credential and complicated factual details
  • Your proofing technique must be effective for such finances

And these are few basic elements that have to be cleared before going for it or getting worried about its sanctions to help things easily get covered.

A Smart Understanding Of The American Treasury Helps

The first thing to consider in the case of OFAC is that it related very closely to the American treasury, if you are an American national, knows the value of your country’s credential finances, and wish to ensure that your contribution should be in better need, then you can consider or it may lead to sanctions, so you need to act fast and in a smart way with entire understanding of your Country’s treasury too.

Don’t Take Them On With Credential Information

However in the case of credential information, it is better you put it clear in front of the Treasury officials, don’t try to hide your past information or any information that doesn’t relate to America or its local regional bodies or embassy, and if you can consider these basic steps in smart ways, then it will help you to figure it out in the much better way.

The Financial Blockage Is The Main Global Fear

Lastly in case of sanctions, if they have been accomplished through the OFAC process, United States goes for the economic process, to block out the financial leverage, and in this process the country that has been promised financial help get completely broken due to such blockage for which American sanctions are feared around the globe in such context.


For more on the legal subject of Office, to find out how it works and in what way you can be eligible or if in trouble how you can come out of it in the context of credential information, it better you come in touch of OFAC Sanction lawyers Washington DC, discuss your case and they would try their best to settle the entire legal process out insuring that wrongly entered credentials are not taken seriously at American treasury.

Besides if you want to close the entire process related to you as a personal account, want to clear the debts or any other financial statements out, and want legal support for such credential information in form of enclosure, then better come in touch of Voluntary self-disclosure lawyers in Washington Dc, mention your current position and they would help you out to fix it legally and would make sure you get covered by their professional legal support…

OFAC Sanctions Lawyers – Zarkesh Law Firm, P.C. are professional to deal with the legal ways of the American sanctions and help you come out of them. The OFAC Sanctions Lawyers Washington DC know how to deal with such a situation and would help you to lead better life away from such hardcore US sanctions too.

What Happens After a Car Accident that is Not Your Fault?


According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 38,680 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2020. Even though people drove less due to the pandemic, there was an increase of about 7.2% from 2019.

Car accidents can be traumatic for both the victim and the driver. To avoid car accidents to an extent, you must opt for defensive driving. However, some people drive carelessly or take negligent actions while driving, putting others at risk. While it is impossible to avoid accidents, we must know what steps to take after a car accident if it’s not your fault.

Here are some aspects that you should keep in mind.

What to Do After a Car Accident When You Are Not at Fault?

Ensure the Safety

The first thing to do is make sure you and your passengers are safe.

Move a little from the flow of traffic but do not drive away from the scene. If the other driver drives away, stay on the accident scene, and continue to the further steps. If you are not in the way of traffic, do not move your car, stay in it, and turn on the hazard lights.

Call Emergency Number 911 Immediately

Whether the accident is minor or severe, call 911 immediately. The police report helps speed up your insurance claim process. Staying at the spot and calling the police will benefit your case, especially if the car accident was not your fault.

Do not call the police if there are only dents or scratches and no one is severely injured. However, if the estimate of your damage is worth more than $1000, or someone is injured, you should call the police.

Get Necessary Information

The driver at fault is responsible to report the accident to their insurance company. However, make sure you also take the contact information of the insurer. Drivers at fault are often reluctant to report the accident to their insurance company.

It is vital to gather all the necessary information at the accident scene to help your case. Collect the following information:

  • Name and address of driver at fault.
  • Insurance company’s name and policy information of driver at fault.
  • Statements and contact information from witnesses.
  • Pictures of the accident scene – it is best if you take photos right after the accident. If you have to shift a little from the spot due to safety concerns, take photos of damages to vehicles.

All the information and evidence gathered at the scene keeps you in a beneficial position and strengthens your case when you file a lawsuit. For information contact a personal injury lawyer West Palm Beach.

Give Mindful Statements to Others

Avoid speaking with other drivers at fault as much as possible. If you need to talk, pay attention to what statement you are giving them. Be careful not to take responsibility for the accident.

Do not discuss the fault and do not offer to pay the damage cost. Avoid making statements like:

  • I am sorry.
  • It was my mistake. I didn’t see you.
  • I am okay.

Keep in mind that the driver is going to repeat your statement to their insurance company. These statements serve as grounds to the insurance company, and they help them delay or reduce the claim.

What Happens Next?

Once you make it through all the above-mentioned steps, the next step is recovery.

First, your body needs to be recovered. No matter how injured you are, visit medical care to ensure there are no hidden injuries that may surface later. If you are severely injured, it may take several weeks to months for recovery. Also, collect the documentation of medical care you received. Make sure you provide medical records, medical bills, physician notes, prescriptions, physical therapy records, and imaging studies to the insurance company to review.

Next, your car needs to be repaired. Keep all the documents of the repair process securely with you, including given estimates and updates you received. Also, keep the receipt from the car rental service with the documentation. You will need proper documentation to ensure you get the appropriate compensation for the property damages.

It is recommended to hire a car accident lawyer Fort Lauderdale to help you get the settlement, whether it’s in the court or outside the court. Accidents can be traumatic, and you may not be in your best condition mentally or physically. Your lawyer will handle everything for you – from the documentation process to the compensation for your damages.

We hope this blog was informative – follow this space to get more such tips. Also, if you need legal assistance for any of your vehicle accidents, feel free to book a consultation with Wolf and Pravato attorneys – we’ll help you learn your rights and get the justice you deserve.


How to Choose the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Minneapolis? -Guest Post


Every lawyer is not the same. You need to find the right lawyer for your case. In this post, we’ll help you figure out which lawyer is best for you and your case. Trying to find a great criminal defense lawyer is not always easy. With so many options, it’s no wonder that many people turn to this website to help them find the best criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis.

There are so many things to consider when you are trying to choose a lawyer. There are many factors that go into a decision like this and you need to be sure you are doing your research to make the right decision.

You want a lawyer that will treat you like they care, that will be on your side, and that will fight for your rights. You want a lawyer who fights hard for you and will do everything they can to get the best possible outcome for you.

1. Your Lawyer Should Be Responsive

If you’re in Minneapolis, it’s not that hard to understand and hire the best criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis. It’s a little difficult process, but it’s worth your effort. If you hire the wrong one, you may end up with a bad lawyer, and get the wrong advice and that could end up costing you a lot.

The most important factors in choosing a criminal defense lawyer are access and responsiveness. Your attorney should be accessible by phone, email, or in person. Your attorney should be prepared to talk to you when you need to talk, and get back to you quickly. The questions you have should be addressed promptly. If your attorney does not return your calls or emails, immediately consider different options.

2. Familiar with Local Minneapolis Courts and Judges

Many people are familiar with court and criminal, but not all know what it takes to get a lawyer in these situations. If you have been sentenced to prison time and are now looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis, you are not alone. In fact, this is a common question that I get asked all the time. Find out online or ask your family or friend if they know a senior professional or a lawyer who is very familiar with many local courts and judges and can help you win your case.

3. Specializes in Minneapolis Criminal Law

Great and experienced attorneys know the ins and outs of how the criminal justice system works, and how to use that knowledge to win tough cases. Add in the fact that there is no shortage of cases, and that the legal industry in Minneapolis has a reputation for being quite lucrative, and it’s fairly easy to understand why the city is home to so many excellent attorneys.

4. Clear Costs or Fee Structure

A fee is a charge for legal services, and there are two types of fee structures: hourly and flat. With an hourly fee, you’ll be billed for each hour that you spend with your criminal defense lawyer, and with a flat fee, your lawyer will be billed a specific amount for which he or she will work for you.

The cost of a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer can be a huge burden for those who can only afford to pay for one lawyer, or those who simply don’t have the money to pay multiple attorneys. However, there are many attorneys in Minneapolis who will represent a client for a flat fee or at a reduced cost. These attorneys charge for their services rather than a percentage of the client’s total bill.

5. Confidence is Key for Top Criminal Defense Lawyers

A criminal attorney needs to be confident in his or her abilities to be a successful criminal lawyer. We understand that it’s important to have confidence in the person you’re hiring to represent you throughout your criminal case. That’s why we decided to post this article, to help you make an informed decision when choosing a criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis.




Author bio: Criminal Defense Lawyer, Lynne Torgerson Esq. has nearly 30 years of experience in law. She can handle all criminal charges, gun rights, all felonies, gross misdemeanors, and misdemeanors, throughout the State of Minnesota including the Twin Cities of Minneapolis / St. Paul.  Ms. Torgerson, Esq., graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double major, with degrees in political science and psychology.  Follow Lynne on Twitter @lynne_torgerson.

What Are Some Pros And Cons You Should Know About Criminal Law Attorneys In Conroe?


Criminal lawyer

Genuinely speaking a criminal law attorney is just not to handle one single case, do a good deal, settle a case and win for you, but there are many aspects such attorneys have to cover, their life is always on risk, and how it all functions can be only understood by the way they help things, and yet there are still few pros and cons that should be associated with such experts as they serve the society and ensure a better form of justice by clearing accused and insuring criminals to be behind the bars.

However, if you want to know more about the functioning and practices of such attorneys, you can consider criminal defense attorneys Conroe where all things are perfectly assigned and assured, and if there’s a drug or DUI case you can consider DUI attorneys, Conroe, who are experts of such crimes and help all things get cleared.

What you would come to know by learning their practices that it’s not an easy task to do, there are a lot of challenges, and there may be a comparison in their work, but it’s better to ensure you get clear how they function before you start to compare through pros and cons and this way you get settled with proper responses as a client to get help and get things settled.

Prior conditions


Before you decide what are the pros or benefits or what may be a few cons or losses to consider while thinking of a criminal law attorney, there are few prior conditions to look for, and they may include:

  • Quality and performance of such attorney
  • To look for record or any personal criminal record
  • Observe in what way earlier cases were settled
  • Have a brief consultation on approaches of such attorney regarding criminal law

And this way you first decide to choose a criminal law attorney and once you have chosen, and then you can consider what type of benefits or losses you may have by considering any such criminal law attorney.

Pros of criminal law attorney

The first thing that comes with such criminal law is that it asks to work in favor of humanity, to consider terms with those who were wrongly accused, and ensure that they get justice for which such attorneys are expert and learn such skills to help them out.

Also, such criminal law demands a sharp understanding of criminal terms, to learn through different angles how such things occurred, and especially in case of extortion, drug cases, and others, the accused can be severely trapped sometimes even not committing such effort for which such attorneys are specialist to tackle these things in a proper legal way.

Besides the biggest benefit of having a criminal law attorney is to ensure proper legal process, most hardcore evidence validity, and such lawyer shall work for your defense as an expert which guarantees that you are in a much better position to judge the condition or scenario of your case with all criminal perspectives into account.

Cons of criminal law attorney


The first thing that comes to vision when it comes to being a criminal law attorney and working for an accused or a criminal who requires justice is the validity of such persons and whether such criminal law attorney really wants to help such person out or in the name of help, he or she is thinking of personal benefits, and is setting the case beyond the bargain of ethical limits due to having smart criminal minds.

Also while such persons help such people, there is always a risk factor involved, like for gender-related cases they can face threats, there is almost effort of trying to kill such attorney in bigger DUI or kidnap case, and in such process legal threat is something that is associated with both the attorney as well as the victim who he or she is trying to defend in a legal way.

Further, in a wider sense, it has also been witnessed that such attorneys sometimes work on a requirement basis, they may not be always ready to do the legal process, but on having their own sides satisfied by clients, they get ready and this way they do get emotionally or financially attached to the client without deciding victim or real culprit which can turn the entire position of the legal value also.

These are a few pros and cons of such experts, and there are other few things to consider later too, that may include:


  • How such attorneys react in severe call
  • Whether they have a sharp understanding of murder weapons, motive, and techniques
  • In what way they would react to family murder or crime through emotional posture
  • And whether they can eliminate in-between file encounter and a real one

And if these things can be sharply considered by a criminal law attorney, then there is a possibility to consider them for any criminal legal case if there is any in your requirement as a client.



If you want to know more, have few doubts about pros and cons, and want to explore more and there is a need to highlight miner details, better connect to Criminal defense attorneys, Conroe where all things are well explained, they give you complete analysis and it will help you choose a better way to sort criminal cases for you and help things get settled.

For such severe cases, if you require a DUI lawyer, there is also the availability of experts such as DWI & DUI Attorney Conroe, who know such condition in which persons can be accused, they know how to handle emotional and personal conditions in a proper way, and by their effort, your case would be properly settled under the jurisdiction of criminal law.