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Slow Down, Speeder: Understanding Speeding Laws Near Kansas City – Guest Post


Speeding Laws

Who doesn’t want a fast ride? Blasting the music in the car, freeing up your mind, and enjoying the warm breeze of the Kansas summer nights… It sounds like a perfect way to unwind, right? Well, yes, if you respect the speed limits, though. If not, you might risk your life or the lives of the people riding with you. It will be a massive shock for your pocket if it is not about physical injuries. To ensure you stay away from speeding tickets and thus ensure your and your co-passenger safety, read about the speeding laws in Kansas City.

Speeding facts

Let’s start with several speeding facts that might blow your mind.

  • If you drive over 50mph for every additional 10 miles, your chance of death or severe injury in a crash doubles.
  • About 55% of fatal crashes were due to “exceeding posted speed limits” compared to the 45% resulting from “driving too fast for conditions.”
  • In 2021, speeding was a factor in 29% of all traffic fatalities that killed 12330 people, or an average of over 33 people per day.
  • In 2021, speeding was a factor in fatal crashes for 18% of drivers on dry roads and 43% on roads with mud, dirt, or gravel.
  • Young male drivers in the 15-20 and 21-24 year age group are the most likely to be speeding at the time of fatal crashes.
  • Motorcycles and mopeds are some of the most affected vehicles involved in speed-related collisions.

These facts and statistics are scary. Responsible driving is crucial, especially for younger people who sit behind the wheel. Educating drivers about the dangers of speeding is inevitable, as raising awareness of the consequences of speeding is the first step towards avoiding crashes, injuries, and, in the worst scenario, deaths.

Why Do Drivers Speed?

There are lots of reasons for speeding. Some include traffic jams, running late, aggressive behaviour, and driving under the influence. When people are stuck in a traffic jam, they become aggressive and start changing lanes frequently, which might result in car crashes. On the other hand, running late is a reason that comes directly from the driver and makes them speed. Not only will they speed, but they might also be distracted and worried about being late, turning them into irresponsible drivers who must be more careful about the other vehicles before or after them.

Sometimes, drivers might speed because they are unaware of the speed limit. Or, if they have a fast car like a Mustang or Ferrari, they might be very easily tempted to press the total gas. Another reason is if they see that other drivers are speeding, they try to catch up with them, or perhaps the passengers inside the car pressure them to drive faster so they can arrive at the desired destination more quickly.

Whichever the reason may be. It is not justified at all. As we mentioned before, speeding might lead to severe injuries or even death. Plus, it might become a criminal offence, especially if there are victims in the car crash. Being charged with such offences stays in your history forever. This might be particularly difficult for you if you want to rent a place for living or start a business because they will come to the surface when background checks and screenings are performed. So, to educate the drivers about speeding and restrictions, here are some essential things to know, especially for the Kansas area.

The Speed Limits & Restrictions in Kansas

  • The minimum speed is 40 mph, and the maximum is 75 mph on rural freeway segments.
  • The minimum rate on the Kansas Turnpike is 40 mph, and the maximum is 76 mph unless it is stated differently.
  • The maximum speed on improved highways in rural areas is 70 mph, while 65 mph on two-lane roads.
  • In residential areas, 30 mph is the maximum speed limit.
  • All speed limits are enforced as stated.

Speed Safety Facts You Need to Know

If you are speeding, your ability to steer safely around curves and avoid objects on the road will be reduced. This might result in being unable to continue driving properly, getting out of the line, or even crashing into a car in front of you.

If you are driving 70 mph, it will take you 351 feet to stop, while if you are going 55 mph, you can stop at 217 feet. This means that speeding increases the distance necessary to stop a vehicle.

In Kansas, drivers must maintain a safe and sensible gap between their vehicle and others, considering vehicle speed and road conditions, as Law mandates.

How to Pay a Speeding Fine in Kansas City

If you are caught speeding, you will need to pay your fine. You can hire a lawyer to help you with the penalty to ensure everything is done legally. The Law states that most tickets issued in Kansas City can be paid at the Municipal Court Office or online through the My WYCO app. If the fine requires a court appearance, the best idea is to seek help from a lawyer. If you don’t pay your ticket by the deadline, an arrest warrant might be issued and your driver’s licence suspended.


Speeding is a ubiquitous driver’s mistake. It comes from different reasons such as being stuck in traffic congestion, being late, or pressure from other passengers in the car. However, neither of the reasons is justified since speeding can lead to crashes with severe injuries and even death. Facing speeding charges with fatal consequences can make it harder to rent a place due to potential legal issues, increased insurance costs, public perception concerns, and challenges in passing background checks for tenants.

On the other hand, neglecting to follow speed limitations will lead to speeding tickets, which might be huge and even require a court appearance. To ensure it doesn’t become uncomfortable, you might need to seek help from a lawyer or stay a responsible driver at all times and respect the speeding limits.