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Accident lawyer

The accident in which you were injured is not your fault, but there are still lost hours of work and a pile of medical bills. You are not only worried about your injuries, but you are also concerned about your money. So, you need to know your options. You could:

  1. Try to resolve the situation alone by talking to the responsible party’s adjusters or lawyers. However, your lack of knowledge of the law would put you at a disadvantage.


  1. Seek advice from an experienced Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyerwho knows how the system works. Choose an attorney to manage everything for you, ensuring the responsible party or their lawyers do not take advantage of you. Find a lawyer to ensure you get what is right for you.

Insurance Company Secrets

Lowball First Offers

Insurance companies rely on your inexperience. In a perfect situation, the insurance company pays your medical costs and the costs related to accidents and makes you a fair offer for pain and suffering. The insurance of the responsible party will probably make you an offer. This offer is usually low because they are trying to settle in the cheapest way possible. Insurers rely on your lack of knowledge of the law and will try to use it against you to convince you to accept less than you deserve.

Defense Teams

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers, adjusters, and investigators who work only on accident claims. Know these teams are working against you.

Delay is a Tactic

Insurance companies keep you waiting for your money. They move fast or slow because it is in their interest. They hope you will become willing to settle for the least you deserve if they keep you waiting. Or they rush for a quick settlement when they have a large exposure.

The file is closed once you have accepted a settlement from the insurance company. Before agreeing on a settlement, the future must be considered. Will you need more medical care? Will you have enough money to cover the long-term costs?

It’s Business it’s Not Personal

An insurance company processes thousands of accident reports daily. You become a complaint number. The settlement offer comes from someone not looking out for your best interest.

Insurance companies can ask to tape their conversation “for clarity.” Such a recording may be used against you.

How to Choose a Good Injury Lawyer?

Find a lawyer who can understand you and your case once you trust who has worked on hundreds of cases like yours. Find an experienced lawyer in your local area. Local attorneys always have an advantage in knowing the courts and jury pools. An experienced lawyer in your area can likely deal with your legal issue more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Get an attorney with a record of solving your type of legal problem. Not all lawyers have experience in the areas in which you may need. For example, a family law lawyer may draft and review settlement agreements but may not be experienced in personal injury matters.

If you were in an accident with a big rig, you want to engage an attorney with a practice centered around commercial vehicle accidents.

If you were hit by a drunk driver, you would want locate a Houston drunk driving accident lawyer with experience suing drunk drivers and bars for overserving.

Finally, look at the attorney’s reputation in your community. Also, check the lawyer’s results in other cases like yours.