What to Expect From Mobile Home Movers in the USA? – Guest Post


Mobile Home Movers

Are you looking for ways to move your mobile home? Or ways to learn more about the mobile home movers services? If yes, you can relax now as you happen to be just in the right place. Relocating your mobile home for the first time or moving from one location to another without any prior experience can be full of challenges. As shifting a mobile home is not easy and requires to be done by experienced and knowledgeable experts to avoid potential problems taking place.

Mobile home movers consist of professionals who possess years of experience in handling all kinds of shipping problems effectively and quickly. From fulfilling legal transportation requirements to helping you set up your home at the new location, they can handle everything.

So without further ado, let us dive into this article and explore various significant facts and information about mobile home movers and the entire process of moving your mobile home from one location to another.

  1. Not all movers operate in all location 

Not all movers offer long-distance traveling services to all their customers. Many misleading and fraudulent service providers in the market often tend to take undue advantage of the customers without any intention to provide required services. Therefore it becomes extremely important to hire services only from reputable and reliable services providers in the market. Ensure to do appropriate research and ask relevant questions before finalizing your services. This can help you determine the true intention of the service provider and avoid misleading and fraudulent ones.  

  1. Movers might not get the necessary permits for you 

At times, certain service providers don’t apply for moving permits before scheduling your service. This can end up getting you in legal trouble and many other problems. Ensure to check the permit before investing in any mobile home moving company. It is important to note moving permits are not expensive and can be easily affordable. 

  1. They might refuse to move your home 

Old mobile homes or mobile homes in bad condition usually face a hard time shifting from one location. Many movers might refuse to move your mobile home, even to shorter distances. Before booking your services, you must make sure to determine whether your mobile home fulfills certain criteria or not. Criteria you need to fulfill are your mobile home axles and wheels should be present and in good shape. Your mobile home is built keeping in mind the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. 

  1. They can help you set up your home at the new location 

One of the best parts of taking services from mobile home movers is that they can help you set up your home at the new location. Setting up a mobile home in a new location might be tough and time-consuming, especially if you don’t know where to begin from. You must make sure your mobile home is in good condition and there are no severe damages to the home. 

  1. Movers can help you prepare for your move 

If your home is in good condition, it can be quite easy for movers to prepare your mobile home for the move. Mobile homes are generally transported in parts. Big size homes require more trucks compared to smaller size homes. A good and experienced company will inspect your mobile home before finalizing your services. This will help them determine the exact transportation trucks needed to transport your mobile home from one location to another. 

  1. Factors that can affect the price of moving a mobile home 

There are many factors that influence or affect the cost of moving a mobile home. Therefore, the cost of transporting one mobile home might differ from another. Factors such as the size of your home, the weight of your home, the distance between the pick-up and drop location, and more play a vital role in determining your actual cost of services.

Doing research about the service provider beforehand is always an ideal decision to avoid engaging with misleading companies and save some money during the process.

How Does a Title Search Company Help Resolve Real Estate Title Encumbrance? -Guest Post


Resolve Real Estate Title Encumbrance

Since the covid outbreak, residential real estate in New Jersey has been in a frenzy. In 2020, prices grew by 12% overall and 15% statewide in 2021. In 2022, they are expected to rise by another 5%. The price rise in the New Jersey real estate market is owing to increased demand from the millennial generation, who are eager to move from a rented space to owning a home. It is an excellent opportunity for individuals planning to sell residential properties. But a successful real estate closing takes time and involves a lot of procedures. Apart from a realtor, you’ll need a title search company New Jersey because one of the major roadblocks in a real estate transaction is errors that result in a title encumbrance. Any lien, claim, or any other legal interest that impairs the title to a real estate possession is referred to as a title encumbrance.

When you acquire a property in New Jersey, the title to the asset is filed with the county where the property is located. A registry of all the parties who have an ownership stake in the asset is included in this title. There are different sorts of title encumbrances. They can hinder you from moving forward with a real estate transaction, so working with a title search business is critical when purchasing or selling real estate.

Types of Title Encumbrances

  • Mortgages are by far the most prevalent sort of title encumbrance. A mortgage is a financing option covered by the property being bought. If you default on your mortgage installments, the lender has the right to foreclose on the concerned real estate asset and seize it.
  • Failure to file a deed or other legal instrument with the county recorder’s office is among the most commonly encountered ways to wind up having an encumbrance on the title. This can happen when an owner wrongly believes a property has already been titled in their name.
  • Other possibilities to encumber the title include transferring or mortgaging a property using the incorrect legal form.

One of the most compelling reasons to go with a title search company New Jersey is that their staff can give you more thorough instances of common encumbrances that you may encounter.

How Does a Title Search Company Help in Resolving Title Encumbrance?

There are ways to resolve title encumbrances and restart the process. The primary step is to approach a title search company that would determine the nature of the restriction. It could be a mortgage or another legal claim on the property. After identifying the problem, the firm would guide you legally on clearing the encumbrances.

The title firm can also help you to strike an agreement with the previous owner to get the encumbrance removed. If that isn’t possible, you can take your case to court to get it settled.

Final Thoughts

Checking the title of a property before engaging in any real estate transaction is the greatest approach to avoid an encumbrance. This is where a title search business in New Jersey may help. Their dedication to quality and service will guide you through the title search process, ensuring that the title is clean and free for a smooth closing on your new residence.

Is Being A Prosecutor More Difficult Than Being A Defense Attorney? – Guest Post


Being Prosecutor Than Being A Defense Attorney

Comparing two different aspects of the law is not an easy case as both scenarios may differ but conditions may also depend on how it all may be more challenging whether prosecution or defense and set their prior work at court. If you are trapped in a criminal case, it’s better to take aid from a North Carolina criminal defense attorney so your strong defenses can be set and you can have better support at court to fight and be cleared of all charges.

In case it’s a physical concern, the offense of sexual concern is present and you want someone to help you in court to protect your legal rights, then it is better to have the support of Charlotte sex offense attorney who can argue in your case, can help you fight well and be protected from the opposite offense party at court.

Before you start to consider the legal comparison of the profession, there are a few things to consider, and they may include

  • The actual level of case
  • Progress of legal terms of filing
  • Understanding of specific case field
  • Technical experience of the legal aspect

and these are a few things that do matter so you should consider them prior to comparing tougher work and then decide who may have to face more challenges while at legal work.

Depends on process

The first thing is to see how the legal process goes on for both sides of legal practice, the legal process where filing has to be done, arguments are presented and if critical cases stand more time, then the level of prosecution starts to deplete and have to face more problems as it is lesser able to stand in the legal process with longer duration.

The defense may be more critical sometimes

However in some other cases, where physical angles are involved, technical subjects have to be put forward, you need to look out how to present a more severe case into court, then in such situation defense become more critical especially in criminal cases and it does become a subject of more scrutiny which shows that it is equally tough to do at court for your client suffering any legal crime.

The prosecution can face cross-checks

However, for certain criminal cases, driving under influence, blame for misdemeanor and other smaller cases may pose more challenges for the prosecution to stand.

In the process of cross-checking they may fail dismally, the court may find that prosecution is not strong to face such examination and it becomes easy for the defense to go through and ensure that client has been protected smartly by putting prosecution under legal pressure.

The court process may dictate terms

However, for physical offense, torture, the threat of life, and even for guilty for action, a court proceeding may better dictate terms where both lawyers present their views, the examining of judges may better decide how far the case may go on and which party is more responsible.

And on that basis still, the prosecution stays under more scrutiny, but the defense also requires skillful people to handle cases so exact settlement can be set up at court by smart observation and proper litigation done for the connected party.


Concerns can determine how it may pose challenges whether a prosecutor or a defense lawyer, but if you are trapped in a criminal case and wish to have a defense at court through an expert, then you can be in touch of Charlotte criminal defense attorney to suit the actual case process and ensure that he or she should be able to defend you well at court and arrange it well.

However, if it is a physical cause, involvement of more severe conditions is apparent and you wish to file a case and be protected, then it is better to look for a Charlotte sex offense attorney who can look after such a case, can ensure your rights are legally protected and fine cross-checks are well suited to fix it well through litigation to proceed at court.

Why it is Best to Call a Personal Injury Attorney in South Carolina When You Have Been Hurt – Guest Post


Personal Injury Attorney

Being hurt means you are in a lot of pain, there is a need to arrange for medical recovery, to cover bills, and also punish the one who did it and for that, you need a legal person and if you want expert aid then you can consider personal injury attorneys Bluffton who can help choose best attorney and call right person to fight your case.

However, if you are looking for a long term solution, are not sure about the trace of the fault, and wish to get legal aid to represent you, then it’s better to call out Personal injury attorneys in South Carolina who can help you fight better cases and turn things in your favor at court.

Before you take a smart call to find the best ways to consider any such lawyers for an injury case, there are a few things to consider and they may include:

  • Conditions that suggest calling the legal person
  • Level, pain, and scrutiny of technical injury
  • Concerns raised by doctors with official notes and elements
  • Cross-check of evidence and smart techniques

and these are a few things that do associate in the process to find lawyers in the best position when you have got hurt so you clear the first and adjust it.

Position of injury

The first thing is to look for injury, to check out the way it is presented in court, and for this to happen in a smarter way you need a legal expert who can make the position of injury look better in such concern for you.

Adjusting core terms

The other thing is to look for the case, the way it should be litigated, technical aspects of it, to cover for evidence to find a sharp call and adjust it on regular terms to plan it well and cover such terms which can help your position become better.

Filing legal case

The main thing is to start the process, to take legal steps in making sure that injury is reported to the court and be addressed well and for that, you need someone who can help you file the case for which attorneys come in and settle things on better legal terms for you at court.

Looking for concerns

It’s also witnessed in cases that injuries can be of different types, it depends on the way how technically they are considered, and as a person injured you may have difficulties identifying so it’s better to look out the ways with the help of an attorney to cover out angles and set better ways.

Measures to cover at court

Filing is not the only part of the legal process, it is also essential that the opposite lawyer be countered, to protect evidence from scrutiny, to take sharper calls, and fit in the entire process so it can be adjusted and it can help in a much better adjustment for you.

Going legal for claim

Lastly, you may need a claim in injury, to fill in medical bills, cover legal testimony, look out for family concerns and also have financial help for that you want a legal claim to set in so technical adjustment can fill in and it goes on to set perfect way for which attorneys come in and set things on right ways.


Choosing the right person does count when it comes to a concern where you have got hurt and if you know the core elements then you need attorneys, for which it’s better to take advice from experts such as Personal injury attorneys Bluffton who can guide you well and help you find out the best person to fight injury case.

In case you have specific legal terms to follow, you have been trapped besides being injured in an accident and require legal support then you can consider having aid from car accident lawyers in South Carolina who can fix out core consent, can cover technical elements, and fix things on the right legal stand.

Federal sexual assault crimes: What is aggravated sexual assault in Los Angeles? – Guest Post


sexual assault

Rules of federal law do govern terms of sex, to punish, to find and prove and also allow the victim to fight the case at court, to go for legal options, and also get high security if the threat is involved with criminal intention to make it happen specifically.

But if things are not precise and you want to go legal then it’s better to consider Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers to fight your case and make sure you do get justice for it by having such strong legal persons who can defend you and make things look easy by proficient litigation.

In case technical elements are involved, it happens with discrimination on your personal remarks and you want to settle it on legal terms, then it’s better to consider Los Angeles harassment and discrimination lawyers who can arrange for legal matters, can figure things out well, and set your case perfectly.

Before you start to decide to consider aggravated sex crimes and how to punish, there are a few things to consider and they may include:

  • Proving the crime related to sex
  • Level of intensity by which it took place
  • Actual spot which is known to support sexual crimes

and these are a few things that do come to influence legal cases later so you better cover the first and then go for the punishment of aggravated crimes in legal terms.

Legal definition

The common definition which expresses sex in federal terms is created on basis of forced physical contact that affects biological sequence from general physical terms to making a person pregnant that are all subjected to legal offense at court.

Force to do sex

In another case, if both partners have agreed to, it is tough to claim for legal action as the agreement does take place, but in more serious matters it is always forced sex that comes to intrigue at court and for the legal punishments are applicable.

Sex by pointing weapon

however such activity becomes an aggravated crime on a certain level where weapons are used, the threat is applied to do sex and the person seems to be hopeless and have to bend to force the will of sex where a legal case can be used as necessary punishment can be adjusted on basis of aggression and threat.

Life threat to commit sex

In other terms there may also be a more serious threat which can come, a person may be ready to kill, to force you with torture and make sure you do bend your will to do sex or life threat is imposed which shows the actual aggression to it and its better you are protected and go for legal steps.

Criminal impact

The thing which makes sex more sensitive is the way criminal impact is looked after, the awareness of police, local bodies, and authorities have to come and if they are not able to identify then strong legal offenses can be charged on basis of evidence case presented at court.

Level of punishment

Lastly, if the case is proved, the person guilty has been scrutinized and seems to be speaking the truth and the liable person has been found including those who supported, then it may become a severe punishment, it can also be a life term to send to or proceed with a more severe verdict legally against you.


The influence of aggravated crimes is not acceptable no matter what the term is and in sex, it becomes more critical so you need to go legal for which you can consider Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer to fight your case and get justice for such crimes against you.

However, if things are going on a regular basis, pressure is put on you at work and you are also discriminated against on physical grounds, then it’s time to finish it once for all with help of California employment lawyers who can look after it, prepare a strong case, and let your problems get technically settled.

Things That You Should Never Do After A Bike Accident? – Guest Post


Bike Accident

Advice is countless to come after an accident but if you drive a bike and have done a few unacceptable things then it can cause you more troubles, so to know its better to consider a legal expert such as personal injury attorney Raleigh and know about such things so you can get a better idea.

However, if it is a more serious case, you have been hit by a truck or trolley and you need legal support, then it is better to connect with Truck accident lawyer Raleigh to cover your case to arrange for a medical facility and ensure proper recovery.

In case you aren’t sure what type of things you should not do after a bike accident, then we present you a few ideas so it can become more clear to you and would help to settle a better call which may help you get your legal claim with more technical comfort.

Before you start to get concerned after a bike accident and are worried due to a few steps, there are a few things to consider, and they may include:

  • The actual angle of fault to concern
  • Evidence that may revolve around you
  • The technical aspect of injury while you were driving
  • Advanced legal tools that may raise suspicion
  • And these are a few things that matter more so you better try to analyze how much they are going to have an impact and then decide not to do those things which may affect your position.

Self-cover on angles of fault

The first mistake such bike riders make is that they try to disturb the ways by which angle of fault can be raised and try to remove the way it can be presumed in legal terms.

This is not going to work as legal experts can find sharper details with closer queries and it may lead you into more serious troubles if you consider taking such steps.

Hiding core evidence

The next thing is to hide out core evidence, to affect footage that shows your presence, to remove or delete or damage such evidence cover or also affect it in some way or another.

Technical aspect has grown on to the level these days which can prompt you to accept your mistakes and if it is found later at court, then it would not be helpful to let you get actual recovery.

Moderate change of recovery place

However, some patients also do this false step to ask for removal from their actual place of recovery and consider their own place by connecting to the insurance company so they can settle it.

For bike riders it may be an affected scenario as the recovery place you have been put in must play a pivotal role to help you get claims through statements and evidence from medical experts and it is better you not change it or maybe in more serious consideration.

No legal understanding of ground

The hardest way is to consider your position on legal grounds, the thing you should not do is to file and fight a legal case on your own terms that would make the situation worse and can affect your recovery as well as you possibly need to get a legal claim at court.

It is better you look for a lawyer, express your situation and put all fault angles and evidence with a calm head so it can help you get a better response and also let your recovery take place in a smoother concern that would settle it in a much better perspective.


Moderation can alter when it comes to legal grounds but if you have got injured and want to know the things you can avoid the best, then it is better to take legal advice from experts such as personal injury attorney Raleigh who can help you prepare your case and ensure it’s done in a proper mane to protect you at court and get financial support.

However, if you were driving on roads and a larger vehicle hit you such as a truck or trolley then to defend you and get recovery assets you can consider truck accident lawyer Raleigh who can settle your legal terms, can litigate technically for you, and insure y do get the perfect arrangement to recover well.

Why Is It Worth Hiring Personal Injury Attorney To Manage Your Case? – Guest Post


personal injury attorney

Sometimes you may be in a situation where you or your loved one is hit by a car or other vehicles. During this time, you may hesitate to hire a personal injury attorney. You may have a lot of questions in mind before you hire them. Are they worth hiring? Will they charge more? The answer to these questions depends on the professional you hire to handle your case.

In this information, you will get to know about the undeniable benefits when you hire a professional personal injury attorney for you. But it is very important to understand that you have to find the best lawyer to get all the benefits. The best way to search for them is on the internet. Many of them have their contact on the internet so that the clients can contact them easily.

Six Reasons Why Professional Injury Attorneys Worth Hiring?

Personal injuries that may occur at your workplace or anywhere that is caused due to vehicle accidents can be life-changing, whether you are injured or not. Sometimes the injury can be very serious, and your case automatically becomes complex.

In such cases hiring personal injury can be beneficial for you. So with the help of your trusted referrals, you can take the help of reputable professionals who will make a smart decision on your behalf in your case. Below are six reasons why you should hire these lawyers:

1.      Professionals & Objective

When you are injured in a car accident, you may be suffering from physical and mental trauma. At this time, it can be difficult for you to make the right decisions in your case. The personal injury attorneys are licensed to make all the decisions related to your case. They will be in the right position to go through your medical records and witness statements. This is why you should hire a personal injury attorney who will cover all the legal, medical, and financial issues.

2.      Know To Negotiate

When you or your loved one is seriously injured in a car accident, you will also suffer from huge medical bills. If your condition is not serious, you can claim your medical expenses. But if it is serious, then insurance companies will not be easily willing to pay out the money. Their reason may vary, but most of the time, they are trying to save their money, and they don’t want to pay more than what the law allows them.

3.      Helps You With Medical Attention

You can search for the personal injury attorney near me on Google who will help you get the best medical care. This is important because if you don’t get proper medical treatment, it can worsen your condition. Moreover, if you don’t get proper attention, your case can take a longer time to settle. So that is why it is advised to have a professional attorney helping in this regard because they will manage to negotiate with the insurance companies and the lawyer representing the other vehicle’s driver.

4.      Get The Best Settlement

The professionals are skilled in their work, and they know how to deal with the insurance companies for a better settlement. They will fight to get you the legitimate amount of your claim. They are aware of all the insurance and personal injury laws, so they will do their best for you. They know how to handle the case and help you get compensation faster as soon as possible, as they have experienced it for a long time.

5.      Make You Feel Comfortable

Whether it is a big or small injury case, you should hire a professional attorney who can provide you with legal support & advice accordingly. These attorneys are trained to provide timely and quality services to provide every client consumer with a comfortable environment. During the consultation, they ask various questions about your incident and take notes of everything. This helps them present all these things in court if needed to make your case strong.

personal injury attorney

6.      Get Faster Compensation

When you are seriously injured, you don’t want to wait for long to get compensation. However, it can take time to settle if the case is not handled properly. These attorneys will try their best to settle this issue as soon as possible so that you don’t have to suffer from your injuries much longer. They will also help reduce your pain and suffering by arranging for proper medical attention when required. When you hire a professional lawyer, he or she will do everything just for your best interest.


Why Pursuing a Wrongful Death Claim Is Worth It – Guest Post


Wrongful Death Claim

There is nothing more traumatizing than the death of a loved one. When that death seems like it could have been prevented, the trauma can be even worse. Although the sadness and depression that may follow such a tragic death can be a lot to handle, you should always consider pursuing a wrongful death claim if you believe another party was at fault. It might feel unnecessary or even impossible, but below are reasons you should still consider going through with it.

You Can Hold the Responsible Party Accountable

In wrongful death lawsuits, you bring people you believe were responsible for your loved one’s death to task in order to receive compensation. However, the incident itself may have not technically been a crime. Still, people that cause the needless deaths of others should be held accountable in a just society. A wrongful death lawsuit can help do that, bringing attention to what happened and who is responsible. It also can prevent the responsible party from ever being in a position to allow something like that to happen again.

It Can Help Save You From Financial Ruin

Although it may not be what you think about immediately, the financial toll the loss of a loved one can have on a family can be quite extreme. This is especially the case if that person supported the family and had dependents. In this scenario, contacting a wrongful death attorney may be one of the only working strategies you have for maintaining the same quality of living as you had before.

It Can Help Protect Your Family’s Future

After the loss of a loved one, the future of a family may be unclear. This can even include the future of dependents of that loved one like children. However, with a wrongful death settlement or jury award, that future can be much clearer and more positive. You’ll have the money you’ll need to keep your home, vehicles, and other important possessions. You’ll also have the money you will need to pay for your children’s education and your own retirement.

It Can Help Others

If you are successful in your lawsuit, you can help others by helping to stop similar accidents from happening in the future. Lawsuits against companies and individuals can be quite costly for those that are sued. As such, they are likely to take much more care to prevent the negligence that leads to your loved one’s death in the first place. This can help save others.

The death of a loved one can have a huge negative impact on the lives of a family. It can feel even worse when you know another party was at fault. If this is the case for you, certainly consult with a lawyer regarding your options for launching a wrongful death lawsuit.

What to Consider When Getting Bail Bonds in the City of College Park? – Guest Post


Bail Bonds in the City of College Park

College Park, located in Fulton County, Georgia, has about 30,000 residents. Reports state that your chances of getting involved in a crime are one out of 52.

If you’ve been arrested for any reason and are waiting for your bail hearing, you may be wondering what to do next. One of the best options is to call a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent can help get you out of jail quickly and make the process much easier.

The following article will explain ten things to consider while getting bail bonds in the City of College Park.

What Are Bail Bonds?

When a person is arrested, they have the opportunity to post bail to be released until their court date. A judge’s bail is announced and is usually a percentage of the total bond amount.

If the defendant can’t afford to pay the bail amount, they can get help from a bail bondsman. Bail bond companies will post the bail on behalf of the defendant for a fee.

For example, if the bail is set at $5000, the bail bondsman will charge $500 to post the bond. The company will also require collateral, property, cash, or jewelry.

  1. How Much Will The Bail Bond Cost?

Bail bonds are not cheap. The cost can range from around ten percent of the bail amount to fifty percent.

Before you sign any paperwork, be sure to ask about all associated fees. There may also be a minimum fee charged, even if the bond is for a minimal amount.

The cost depends on the following factors:

-The severity of the crime

-The amount of bail

-Your financial situation

Some companies for bail bonds in the City of College Park offer payment plans, making the process more affordable. You may also use a co-signer to help with the cost. A co-signer is someone who agrees to be responsible for the bail bond if you do not show up for your court date.

If you cannot pay the total amount, ask about a payment plan or co-signer options.

  1. How Long Will It Take to Process The Bail Bond?

Once you’ve agreed to terms and signed the paperwork, the bail bond company will post the bond with the court. The process takes a few hours but can take up to a day.

Be sure to ask how long it will take before you’re released from jail.

In some situations, the defendant may be released on their recognizance. It means they don’t have to post bail and will be released once they’ve been arraigned in court.

If the defendant fails to get released on their recognizance, they must go through the normal bail process.

  1. Will Collateral Be Needed?

Collateral means that you’ve put up something of value to guarantee that you will show up for your court date.

The bail bond company may require collateral before they post the bond. The amount of collateral needed will depend on the amount of the bail and the perceived risk of a defendant not showing up for their court date.

 If you can’t provide collateral, some companies may still post the bond but charge a higher premium. Be sure to ask about collateral before you sign any paperwork.

  1. Can The Defendant Leave The State While Out On Bail?

The crime rate in College Park, GA, is 221.10 percent higher than the national average. Hence, it is essential to consider all aspects of the city before deciding.

The defendant may leave the state while out on bail, but it depends on the judge’s order. If the defendant cannot leave the state, they must surrender their passport to the bail bond company.

If you’re planning on traveling, be sure to check with the bail bond company first.

  1. Are There Restrictions On Who Can Bail The Defendant Out Of Jail?

In most cases, anyone over 18 can bail someone out of jail. The bail bond company will require identification and ask for your relationship with the defendant.

You may be asked to provide collateral if you’re not related to the defendant.

  1. What Is The Defendant’s Responsibility While Out On Bail?

The defendant must show up for all their court dates. If they miss a date, the bail bond company may revoke the bond and put the defendant back in jail.

They must also obey all laws and not commit any new crimes.

  1. How Long Will The Bail Bond Be In Effect?

The bail bond is usually good for one year. If the defendant does not show up for their court date, the bail bond company may pursue legal action to recover the money they paid for the bond.


Bail bonds in College Park can be a great way to get your loved one out of jail, but there are some things you need to consider before you sign anything. Ensure you understand the process and the risks involved, and always work with a reputable bail bond company.

Shoplifting: Misdemeanor or Felony? – Guest Post



While technology has allowed retail stores and other businesses to improve security with the help of CCTVs or video surveillance systems, shoplifting continues to be a common occurrence in many parts of the United States. Considered a property crime, it affects businesses across the country, costing them billions of dollars every year.

What is Shoplifting?

Shoplifting is the act of going into a store with the intent of obtaining items or goods by deceiving the store and its personnel. The following situations all describe different shoplifting scenarios:

-When a person removes an item or product from a display and leaves the store without paying for it

-When a person hides or conceals an item or items

-When a person alters, substitutes, disfigures, or removes the price tags, labels, or marks of items or goods

-When a person charges the payment of certain goods to someone without their consent or to a person who does not exist

-When a person transfers goods from one bottle, container, or box to another before purchasing the items

A person who is caught shoplifting can be charged with a misdemeanor or arrested for committing a felony theft. The law is different from state to state, so what constitutes a misdemeanor for some may be a felony for others. This can be scary and confusing for first-time offenders, which is why the guidance, expertise, and service of a theft lawyer are vital.

A lawyer’s expert legal advice will also help determine whether a shoplifter committed a misdemeanor or felony.

Shoplifting As a Misdemeanor

A misdemeanor is described as a lesser crime or a minor offense. According to the federal government, any crime given a maximum sentence of one year or less is considered a misdemeanor. The classification of misdemeanors and their corresponding penalties differ according to state.

Examples of misdemeanor crimes include vandalism, driving without a license, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, basic assault (i.e., when someone hurts another individual without intending to injure them), trespassing, and petty theft or shoplifting.

In most states, the value of the stolen items is used to determine whether the crime is a misdemeanor or not. In Arizona, for example, a shoplifting crime is considered a misdemeanor if the stolen goods are worth less than $1,000. There are exceptions, though, such as:

  • If the shoplifting act happened as a part of a crime spree
  • If the shoplifting was carried out to help or promote a criminal group or gang
  • If the stolen goods included firearms
  • If the theft was committed using a device, instrument, container, or artifice

Typically, if a shoplifter is convicted for a misdemeanor, they are fined and given several months to one year of jail time. Second convictions, specifically those that happen two years after the first one, are given higher penalties, such as a sentence intended for class 6 felonies.

Aside from fines and jail time, misdemeanor shoplifters are also required to repay the value of the goods they stole and join a shoplifting class. Some shoplifters also get probation, which is considered a minimum penalty.

Shoplifting penalties are also based on several factors, including the case details, the store where the stealing happened, the prosecutor, and the judge.

Shoplifting As a Felony

As in misdemeanor cases, the value of the stolen goods is used to determine if a shoplifting crime is a felony. If the amount is over the minimum limit or price, the crime becomes felony shoplifting.

A felony is defined as a crime that typically involves a violent act or violence. It is one of the most serious crimes anyone can commit and results in jail time lasting one or more years. Some examples of a felony include arson, first-degree murder, drug trafficking, and murder.

Felony crimes are divided into several classifications depending on the offenses and their corresponding penalties and punishments.

An act of shoplifting becomes a felony if:

  • The criminal act happened as a part of a crime spree
  • The crime was carried out to help or promote a criminal group or gang
  • The stolen goods included firearms
  • The crime was committed using a device, instrument, container, or artifice

Generally, if a person caught shoplifting took goods with a total value of $500 to $1,000, they can be charged with a felony. The amount, though, can vary from one state to another.

Aside from the typical shoplifting felony, a person can also be convicted of a categorical felony. This happens when they steal items that can result in a felony charge regardless of the stolen goods’ value. These items include incendiary devices, firearms, and explosives. If a person is caught shoplifting firearms or some form of explosives, they can be charged with a felony crime.

Penalties for felony shoplifting depend on the classification of the crime. For example, in Arizona, a Class 6 Felony would result in four months to two years of prison time, and probation while a Class 4 Felony can put the shoplifter in jail for one to 3.75 years and probation.

If you have been charged with shoplifting – whether as a misdemeanor or felony – find a lawyer experienced in theft cases if you want the charges against you reduced or dropped.

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