Lake Tapawingo Criminal Defense Attorney

At KC Defense Counsel, we help clients with complex criminal cases Lake Tapawingo Municipal Court. We work with both state and municipal prosecutors daily. We fight for you to help get your charges either get dismissed or you get a favorable plea.

Our Lake Tapawingo Criminal Defense attorney uses an aggressive approach to attack the charges against our clients to get them off the hook. We will conduct thorough investigations, file timely pretrial motions, do legal analysis as well as using procedural tactics to tilt the case to your favor.

What criminal charges do we handle?

We have the right lawyer to represent clients charged with various criminal cases including;

KC Defense Counsel offers a direct and individual experience of a small law firm and extensive resources of a large firm. Therefore, you are guaranteed personal service, advice, and support as the case progresses while at the same time, you enjoy the benefits of access to extensive resources. Some of these resources include; an expert investigation that will assist in reviewing your case and carrying out depositions to help conclude your case in the shortest time possible.

Results That Count

Our Lake Tapawingo Criminal Defense Attorneys take pride in being familiar with various diversion, amendments, plea bargains, and options to settle your case. Settling your case using these treatment programs will also give you a better chance of expungement to keep your records clean.

Exceptional service and effective results is our mantra at KC Defense Counsel We provide client tailored service with case based strategies clients quality service.


We offer prompt communication to our clients. Any inquiries like requests to amend your tickets can be made online. Usually, such inquiries are answered within 72 hours.
However, most issues can be settled by phone. So if you have any question regarding your rights in Missouri, don’t hesitate to call or email our attorney. The attorney will give you the attention you deserve and answer all your questions regarding your case. The consultations are free and of no obligations.

Start Your Defense Today

Get in touch whenever you have been suspected, arrested for a crime, or when the police contacts you. Our Lake Tapawingo Criminal defense attorneys are ready to fight and advise you on the way forward.

Under Missouri laws, you are innocent of all criminal charges until proven guilty. So no one, including the enforcement officer, should regard you as guilty. You have laws that protect you. You should, therefore, call our attorney during this time to explain your rights.

Let us help you

We understand how damaging criminal convictions are. We want you to avoid consequences like damaging your reputation, hurting your chances of obtaining insurance, child custody, and being stripped of your driving privileges that result from criminal convictions. So get in touch with us if you face criminal charges, and we will begin your defense.

Contact one of the Lake Tapawingo criminal defense attorneys at KC Defense Counsel to begin building your criminal defense.

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144 Anchor Drive, Lake Tapawingo, MO 64015

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