Steps to get your Missouri driver’s license back after Alcohol Related Suspension

Alcohol Related Suspension

A person whose driver’s license is suspended by the Missouri Department of Revenue may have his or her driving privileges reinstated after the suspension period is served. Under section 302.281 (4) of Missouri laws, there are specific steps that must be completed in order to get a suspended driver’s license back. The requirements may vary based on the nature of the offense and the kind of suspension in effect. Typically, offenses that are deemed greater or severe will have stricter requirements. The following are the steps to follow:

(i) File proof of successful completion of a SATOP or similar program

Missouri laws require a person seeking to have their suspended driver’s license reinstated to complete a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP) or a similar state-approved program. This program is meant to educate offenders about the hazards and consequences of violating traffic laws. You will go through screening after which you’ll be referred to one of the several types of SATOP service levels. You will have to complete the number of hours assigned for the program. Upon successful completion, the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse will send a notification to the Department of Revenue. The SATOP assessment fee is 375.

(ii) Pay a reinstatement fee.

There is always some fee to be paid when handling violations involving driver’s license suspension in Missouri. The amount to be paid usually varies depending on the nature of the violation and the kind of suspension imposed. Usually, a person will pay $20 for violations not related to alcohol, $45 for alcohol-related offenses and up to $400 for insurance violations. The fee can go up to $1500 for certain cases. In most cases, drivers pay $45, in addition to other expenses. Any unresolved traffic tickets should be paid as well.You can use the chart found on the Missouri Department of Revenue ,website to determine the exact fees you need to pay.

(iii) File SR-22 form

You’ll also be required to provide proof of financial responsibility, commonly filed as an SR-22. You must file and maintain proof of financial responsibility for two years from the date your license suspension began. The SR-22 serves to verify your fulfillment of Missouri’s minimum liability requirements. You can obtain an SR-22 form by purchasing a car insurance policy from a car insurance company.

(iv) Install interlock ignition device (IID)

You must provide proof of installation of an ignition interlock device on any vehicle you intend to operate. This applies to persons with more than one DWI conviction, and cases of refusal to take a breathalyzer/blood test on driving record. The installer of the IID will notify the Department of Revenue after the device has been installed. The device must be certified by the relevant authorities. In addition, you must maintain the IID for a period of six months from your reinstatement date. However, minors who are suspended on the first offense under the zero-tolerance law do not need to provide proof of insurance.

(v) Certification from IID installer

This applies to drivers who were issued with restricted driving privileges during the suspension period whereby they are required to provide a certification of the IID installer indicating whether or not there were violations during the restricted period.

Bear in mind that there could still be a waiting period after you’ve met all the requirements. Therefore, do not attempt to drive before reinstatement of the license as it could lead to further suspension.

These are the basic steps a person has to follow to have his or her Missouri license reinstated after suspension. However, there may be additional steps that should be completed since the above guideline does not outline case-specific steps.