Johnson County Criminal Defense Lawyer

KC Defense Counsel Criminal Law Firm has been representing clients facing criminal charges in Johnson County for many years. If you are facing criminal charges, you need our skilled Johnson County Criminal Defense Attorney for legal representation in Johnson County Circuit Court.
Our Johnson County Criminal attorney handles many criminal charges including but not limited to;

Private criminal defense lawyers in places like Johnson County are hired to do one job: defend your rights. At KC Defense Counsel, our experienced attorneys manage their own caseloads, and they’re under no pressure to negotiate a plea bargain. If they recommend accepting a deal from the state, it’s because it’s in the client’s best interest.

There are many potential outcomes of a criminal case handled by our Johnson County attorney. They include:

Charges dismissed

Our attorney will fight for your rights to ensure that all allegations leveled against you are dropped. We will look carefully at all evidence produced by the prosecution and negotiate for a dismissal based on the evidence.

Plea bargain

In many cases, a plea bargain is the best solution to your case. Our attorney will look at the case and provide the right legal advice. We will work out a deal with the prosecution to ensure that you get great results.

Why choose KC Defense Counsel:

Fighting for your rights

Is our top priority at KC Defense Counsel. We work our best to make sure that the constitution and law is followed to ensure your rights are not violated. We do follow-ups and update our clients in every step of the way. We will not tire until we are sure you get justice.

Experienced Felony & Misdemeanor

Our Johnson County Criminal Lawyer have handled several felony and misdemeanor cases. We can negotiate for the best option depending on our client’s case. Some of the choices we consider for misdemeanor includes seeking an amendment to the charge or negotiating a plea agreement.

Knowledge of the Law

Our Johnson County Criminal Defense attorney has expertise in handling a variety of criminal cases in Missouri. From the knowledge gathered over years of practicing law, we can assess your case and determine the best possible outcomes against the charges brought up by the prosecution.

Familiarity with the Court

Experience contributes highly to the success of criminal defenses. Our Johnson County Defense lawyers have practiced law in Missouri for many years. As such, they have the right experience to study and argue criminal cases. Besides, they are familiar with some judges and understand how these judges determine their cases. As a result, they have a good chance of a successful defense.

If you want to mount a serious defense against the criminal offense levelled against you, you need an experienced defense lawyer. Our Johnson County criminal attorneys will help you mount a formidable defense. Contact us for a free consultation

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