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If you’ve been charged with a minor crime or traffic offense in Kansas City, MO, it may be a good idea to consult with a defense attorney. Charges of a minor crime are often easier to simply sign an admission of guilt, pay a small fine, and move on with your life. Similarly, this often seems like the easiest solution for a traffic ticket. Note that if you choose to pay the fee on your ticket, you are admitting guilt to the offense. When you plead guilty, you are given a point on your driving record, which has its own repercussions. The same goes for charges of a minor crime. They will still go on your record, and like a point on your driving record, may have longer-lasting effects than you originally expected.

Although these charges carry lighter penalties than more serious crimes or offenses, there are still consequences that you may benefit from avoiding with proper representation or counsel. The KC Legal Defense Counsel has legal professionals available to help you navigate the system and achieve an outcome in your case that is fair and agreeable. Schedule a free consultation today so you can discuss your situation and identify a proper course of action for your circumstances right away.

What are some minor crimes I could be charged with in Kansas City?

A “minor crime” covers a range of crimes that could be misdemeanors, petty theft, public intoxication, or a range of other incidents. You may be subject to community service, a minor fine, and a mark on your criminal record. Oftentimes the court systems treat these minor crimes as inconsequential, but they could still cause issues in the future. Instead of admitting guilt, paying your fine, and accepting the community service or other minor penalty, be sure to understand the long-term ramifications for this acceptance of the charge. Oftentimes there are solutions available to you that will not add anything to your criminal record, no matter how minor, which can be a major benefit while applying for certain permits, licenses, or jobs. Speak with an attorney at the KC Legal Defense Counsel to understand the available options, possible consequences, and the best course of action for your minor charges before moving forward.

What are some traffic offenses I could be charged with in Kansas City?

Kansas City traffic offenses could include speeding tickets or a variety of moving violations such as turning without a signal or other marked violations. If you plead guilty to a traffic offense, you receive a “point” on your license. Each point on your record increases the cost of your insurance, and if you accumulate eight points in a year, you may have your license suspended.

Losing your license can cause widespread problems in your life, but with the help of a legal defense attorney, you may discover that you have other options. Instead of simply accepting the option presented to you by the state of Missouri, it is worthwhile to identify different courses of action that may have lesser financial penalties or disruptions to your life.

The attorneys at KC Defense Counsel have helped thousands of people get their tickets “fixed,” amended, or altered, to ensure that no points are assessed. Many times, this process is accomplished through negotiations with the City Prosecutor’s Office.

Typically, each city speeding ticket is two points on your record. A Missouri State speeding ticket is usually three points.

Is KC Defense Counsel Available to Defend my Minor Crime or Traffic Offense?

Schedule a free consultation with a KC Defense Counsel Attorney today to begin discussing recommendations for your situation. As with all legal matters, consulting with a defense attorney is your best bet for identifying the possible outcomes you will want to pursue. Our attorneys are experienced with a range of traffic offenses and minor crimes, and will help you navigate the complicated court system and work to achieve a favorable solution to your legal issues.

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