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Are public defenders reliable when fighting a criminal case? What are the pros and cons to then?


Are public defenders reliable when fighting a federal case? What are the pros and cons to then?

I am currently fighting a felony case with 9 counts and was appointed a public defender because at the time I couldn’t afford a private lawyer. It is a serious offense and seems like it could carry alot of time if convicted. Is it best to try and get my own defense lawyer or can a public defender get the same results?
This is my first offense

Kansas City Traffic Lawyer Richard Simons Answer

Public defenders get a bad rap. Many of them are fantastic and in court or trial more than private attorneys. That being said it will depend on their experience and case load. Low experience high case load means little time for your case.


Felony Probation For Child Support


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My ex boyfriend is on felony probation for child support his court date keeps getting postponed this will be the 3rd time he is supposed to be in court because probation is being revoked why do they not issue a warrant for his arrest.same ex boyfriend ran off with my 17 year old daughter and grandbabies which I found out that my ex boyfriend is the father of both girls what can I do to get this to move on this warrant so DNA test can be done because my daughter was 15 the first time she got pregnant and 16 the second time I’ve stated that I want to press charges against him for that

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Will I have a felony charge with an SIS?


Will I have a felony charge with an SIS?
I am currently going to court on a Class D felony 2nd Degree Domestic Assault and a Class E 3rd Degree assault. I have been offered a plea deal of dismissing the assault charge and getting an S.I.S. on the domestic charge with probation. However, I am currently CNA certified and hoping to go though the police academy at a later date. I am still confused as to if taking this S.I.S. will disqualify me from things a felony would disqualify me from and if it would show as a guilty charge on a background check.

Justin’s Answer
If you have a plea deal, that suggests you have an attorney. You will have to ask your attorney to answer this question.

Can a Felon Go To A Gun Range?



Can I go shoot a gun with a friend I’m a convicted felon of a non violent crime I was released in 2011? I have my voting rights back I just don’t want to get in trouble

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