Felony Probation For Child Support

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My ex boyfriend is on felony probation for child support his court date keeps getting postponed this will be the 3rd time he is supposed to be in court because probation is being revoked why do they not issue a warrant for his arrest.same ex boyfriend ran off with my 17 year old daughter and grandbabies which I found out that my ex boyfriend is the father of both girls what can I do to get this to move on this warrant so DNA test can be done because my daughter was 15 the first time she got pregnant and 16 the second time I’ve stated that I want to press charges against him for that

Criminal Defense Lawyer, R. Christopher Simons answer

If you feel he had sex with a minor, you can simply call the police to press charges. As for his probation, I cannot tell you why the case is taking so long. Courts may give the probationer several chances to fix their violations and stay on probation. Even if they do not, it can take several court appearances for a probation violation to be resolved, especially felony probation.