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Inside Kansas DUI Law: Rights, Risks, and Responsibilities – Guest Post


Kansas DUI Law

Welcome to the wild world of Kansas DUI law, where one wrong turn can lead to a legal rollercoaster ride. Buckle up because we’re about to dive into the rights, risks, and responsibilities of navigating the murky waters of driving under the influence in the Sunflower State. 

Picture this: you’re cruising down the highway, wind in your hair, tunes blasting, when suddenly those dreaded blue and red lights start flashing in your rearview mirror. Uh-oh, it looks like you’ve caught the attention of law enforcement! Before you panic and start rehearsing your excuses, let’s break down what happens next.

Know Your Rights: The Roadmap to Defense

First things first, let’s talk about your rights. In Kansas, just like in any other state, you have certain legal protections, even if you’ve been pulled over for suspicion of DUI. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • You’re free to say nothing at all. In court, whatever you say could and will be used against you. Thus, the word is mum!
  • You can refuse field sobriety and preliminary breath tests (PBTs) without facing immediate penalties. Refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test at the police station, however, may result in administrative sanctions like license suspension.

Case Study: The Tale of Tipsy Tim

Meet Tim. Tim had too many drinks at his friend’s barbecue and decided to drive home. Little did he know his evening joyride would turn into a legal nightmare. Tim panicked when he saw those flashing lights behind him and yelled incriminating statements. He failed the field sobriety tests and blew over the legal limit on the breathalyzer. Tim’s lack of awareness of his rights landed him in hot water, facing hefty fines and a suspended license.

Navigating the Risks: The Perils of DUI Conviction

Now, let’s talk about the risks involved. In Kansas, receiving a DUI conviction carries severe penalties that go well beyond paying a fee. Here’s what’s at stake:

  • Criminal Penalties: DUI convictions can result in fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol education programs, and even jail time, especially for repeat offenders.
  • Civil Consequences: DUI convictions can lead to civil litigation beyond the criminal penalties. Victims of DUI accidents may pursue civil lawsuits against the intoxicated driver for damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  • Insurance Woes: A DUI conviction can send your insurance premiums skyrocketing or even lead to policy cancellation. Good luck finding affordable coverage with a tarnished driving record!

Understanding Your Responsibilities: The Key to Avoiding Trouble

Last, let’s talk about your responsibilities as a driver. It’s not just about knowing your rights; it’s also about exercising good judgment and taking accountability for your actions. Here are some golden rules to live by:

  • Don’t Drink and Drive: It may seem like a no-brainer, but seriously, don’t do it. Plan, designate a sober driver, or use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft.
  • Know Your Limits: If you choose to drink, know your limits and pace yourself accordingly. And for heaven’s sake, never underestimate the potency of those fruity cocktails!
  • Stay Informed: Learn about Kansas’s DUI laws and keep yourself informed of any modifications or improvements. Friends, knowledge really is power!


So there you have it, folks – a crash course in Kansas DUI law. Remember, driving under the influence isn’t just risky business; it’s downright dangerous and can have serious legal repercussions. Whether you’re a seasoned party animal or a responsible citizen, knowing your rights, understanding the risks, and embracing your responsibilities behind the wheel is crucial.

And hey, if all else fails, you can always call up a trusty civil lawyer to help you navigate the legal maze. Don’t make the call before you’re knee-deep in court documents!

Now go forth, drive safely, and may the road rise to meet you – preferably not in the back of a police cruiser!

What you need to know about your license after a DUI arrest -Guest Post


license after a DUI arrest

You are facing hefty charges if you are arrested for DUI. Depending on the particulars of your case, they may include fines, community service, or even jail time. The key is anticipating unforeseen circumstances and ensuring you receive the greatest result.  To know what you need to do in these circumstances, continue reading:

1. Prevent further DUI arrest

After being found guilty of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, you will temporarily lose your driving privileges; even a first conviction results in a license suspension. Following the suspension of your regular license, you can be eligible for a restricted license.

This may rely on your past DUI conviction rate, how recent they were—specifically, if they occurred within the last 10 years—and your competence to satisfy all requirements for a limited license.  The suspension, in this case, is temporary and offers ways to get back some driving rights, letting you continue with key obligations like work, school, or childcare.

2. Work on your defence alternatives

Losing your license can be difficult, especially if you must drive for school, work, or family responsibilities. Working on your defence alternatives as soon as possible after a DUI arrest can be advantageous because they may give you a method to face the allegations against you and perhaps lessen some potential penalties you could be subject to.

The consequences of a DUI and all of its consequences might be overwhelming. You have the right to seek assistance, put up a defence, or even contest the prosecution’s evidence against you, all to defend your right to drive.

3. Listen to your attorney.

You must pay close attention to the legal counsel your Minnesota DUI Attorney offers you, regardless of whether you choose to retain a private attorney or are given the Minnesota Criminal Public Defense Lawyer. According to ethical rules, your lawyer owes you a duty of loyalty. Your lawyer has a duty to represent your interests solely. Therefore, it is crucial that you have faith in your lawyer. You must be confident in an attorney’s ability to act in your best interests before hiring them.

 4. Request a DMV hearing

Your driver’s license has been suspended due to your DUI conviction, and you want to fight it at an administrative hearing. You only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request the hearing, so it’s critical to do it as soon as possible. Additionally, it’s essential to remember that the DMV hearing is distinct from any criminal court proceedings.

5. Locate a Bail Bondsman

To get a trustworthy bondsman, you should contact your neighbourhood police department. Someone with experience assisting those with a Minnesota Criminal Defense should be sought out.

Once you’ve located a bondsman, you may set up a bond by giving them all your pertinent information. It’s critical to comprehend how much cash is required before the bond can be placed.

 6. Take the chemical test after the arrest.

You must submit to the chemical test following your arrest if you are detained for DUI. Chemical evidence obtained from the test may be used against you in court. This entails consenting to a blood test-based breathalyser test.

Refusing to submit to the chemical test can be used against you in court and could result in further punishment. If you refuse the exam, your driver’s license could be suspended immediately. It is best to follow the rules set forth by the authorities and take the test because failing to do so could result in severe consequences.

 7. Follow the court

After being presented in court, there might be a few things that you need to do for a clean pass. Pay all appropriate payments, including court, reinstatement, and bail expenses. Complete the entire license suspension period. Comply with all court requirements, which include attending DUI traffic school.


Make sure to follow the majority of the recommendations in this article if you have been charged with DUI. Take advantage of your right to silence, hire an expert attorney, and heed any written directions from the court.  Most importantly, practice moderation and prudence when drinking to lower your risk of a DUI. Get in touch with a local attorney or DUI Defence Lawyer in MN and prepare your defence plan immediately.

7 Best DUI Law In Louisville – Guest Post


DUI Law In Louisville

Do you want to know about the DUI law in Louisville? If yes, then you must follow the guidelines of this complete article to get the correct insight into it. Drinking and driving is a serious offense in any country of the world.

Different states and different countries have different types of penalty rules regarding it. You need to know and undergo the rules of the state, which can help you to meet your objectives with ease.

Louisville DUI attorney can guide you in this regard with ease. You need to know the facts well before making your choices in the correct end. You must not make things work in the erroneous direction while meeting your objectives.

Best DUI Laws In Louisville

There are several best DUI laws in Louisville that you must know at your end if you want to reach your objectives with ease. You need to know the facts well before you get trapped in the eyes of the law in Louisville.

1. Under 21 Years Of Age

Drivers who are below the age of 21 years of age are deemed to be considered as less under the influence of 0.20 breath of blood in the alcohol level. You need to know the facts well to meet your objectives with ease.

Once you are under the age bracket of it, then the severity of the punishment is also less. But your license for driving the car will be canceled by the authorities forever. You must stay careful of this fact while you drive under the influence of DUI.

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2. Overspeeding   

Overspeeding is another serious crime under the DUI law in Louisville. If the driver Overspeed the car beyond the 30mph speed limit, then they will be punished for this crime.

The first punishment is they have to pay a $200 – 500 fine, and in extreme cases, they may be sent to jail for 2-30 days. You can contact a general practice law firm in this regard. You must not evade the law of the state.

It can result in harsh consequences in your life. You need to know the facts well before making your choices appropriately. Figure out things that can boost your chances of meeting the DUI law rules with ease.

3. Limited Access Highway 

You may have this question in your mind is it illegal to have underglow on your car? The wrong way of driving on the limited access highway can make things more complicated for you. If you enter the no-entry zone without permission, then things can turn worse for you.

You have to undergo 90-day Alcohol or substance abuse program. You must consider these facts at your end while meeting your target with ease. Ensure that the scope of errors must be as less as possible.

4. Death Due To Serious Injury   

Death of the victim under the influence of DUI and serious physical injury is one of the serious consequences of DUI victims for which they have to bear the heavy penalty. If the convict is found with an alcohol level of 0.18 within 2 hours, then they will be charged severely for this case.

You may be sentenced to Jail for 30-120 days and 12-18 months of license suspension of your car. You need to know the facts well before making your choices currently. You must not make things more complicated for yourself.

5. Level Of Alchohol In The Body   

If the level of alcohol is more in your body is beyond 0.18, and it has resulted in a severe car accident, then things can turn worse for you. You may have to spend 48 hours to 30 days in community labor.

On the otherhand, if you are proven guilty, then you may be sentenced to jail for 5 years, and you have to pay full compensation to the victim and the victim’s family for the loss suffered.

6. Refusal To Submit Testing  

In some cases, the convict refuses to submit the testing report of the alcohol consumption. In such a scenario, also they may be taken into immediate custody for not cooperating with the law.

You have to understand the reality before making your choices in the right end. Ensure that the scope of errors is less. The more you can think positively in this regard, the better you can achieve your objectives.

7. Transporting Passengers In Underage

Now, if your age is below 12 years and you are transporting passengers from one place to another, then the guardian of the driver will be held responsible for it.

Now, if you are a recognized lawyer and want to know can lawyer have hand tattoos, then you do not need to worry about it. There is no problem with it.

Final Take Away

Hence, if you want to avoid heavy penalties in Louisville, then you must seek the assistance of the best lawyer who can help you to meet your objectives with ease. Try to figure out the perfect solution that can make things work well in your favor.

You can share your comments, views, and opinions in the comment box to meet your objectives with ease. Try to figure out things that can boost the chances of proving your point in court. You must avoid making things too complicated.

Now, if the severity of your case is less, you can seek the help of a general practice law firm to meet your requirements with ease.


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Bouncing Back After a DUI – Guest Post


Bouncing Back After a DUI

If you have been arrested for DUI, it is likely that you experienced a vast range of emotions—from guilt to shame and maybe even shock. Once you get past your initial reactions, it is crucial that you create a comprehensive plan so you can effectively bounce back after your arrest. Below are some helpful tips to can look into:

Tip #01: Select the best DUI attorney.

Here’s something not many people know: the representation you choose can significantly impact the jail sentence you are given, the charges you will be convicted of, and how your case goes.

Apart from providing help and guidance, a seasoned and competent DUI lawyer can also help minimize your fine or sentence. If you go to trial, you can spend as much as $25,000 (or more) in fines depending on your charges.

Typically, you will be taken into custody and will be allowed to make one phone call. Depending on the state where you live, you may have to stay in a cell until the alcohol has completely left your system.

Tip #02: Assess the role of alcohol in your life.

Do you have an alcohol problem, or was it a one-time thing that went too far? You have to be completely honest with yourself to know what you need to work with. If you think you have an alcohol addiction, consider that your cue to take drastic measures to take control of your life again.

A DUI arrest and conviction can dramatically impact many aspects of your life. Apart from short-term repercussions like license suspension, it can also have long-term consequences since it can affect your future job prospects and your relationships.

Driving under the influence has resulted in thousands of deaths in the United States yearly. That means each time you drink and drive, you are putting not just your life at risk but also that of others.

Tip #03: Be transparent with your employer.

Undeniably, a DUI arrest can impact certain aspects of your job. This is especially true if your license gets suspended. With a suspended license, you might find it hard to get to work or do some of your tasks effectively.

It is recommended that you discuss what is going on with your boss. Be clear and specific about how the arrest and conviction can affect your ability to do your job. It will also help if you prepare some suggestions on how you can minimize the impact of your arrest.

If you are in the process of searching for a job, you need to be aware that a DUI on your record might make it difficult for you to find employment. While unfortunate to note, there is a stigma that’s attached to this type of felony.

If you have spent a significant amount of time job hunting but to no avail, consider heading to a recruitment agency so they can help you connect with employers that are open to working with someone with a DUI arrest history.

Tip #04: Get all the support you need.

A DUI arrest and conviction can be a wild roller coaster ride. To deal with something that’s life-altering, find trusted family members and friends and ask them to become a part of your support network. Here’s the bottom line: do not hesitate to ask for any help you need.

For instance, if you want to attend AA meetings, ask a friend to go with you until you have established the habit. Also, consider looking into therapy as another option that can help you conquer your drinking habit.

Final Thoughts

While life after DUI can be challenging, it is reassuring to know that there are countless things you can do to ensure you can bounce back immediately. Thankfully, the tips laid out above can help get your efforts off to a superb start. 


About the Author

Andrea Williams is the Community Manager at The Law Offices of Alcock & Associates P.C., a premier law group in Arizona that provides legal services to clients involved in Personal Injury, DUI, Immigration and Criminal cases. She enjoys cooking, reading books and playing minigolf with her friends and family in her spare time.

The Mental Health Effects of a DUI: How to Stay Positive and Move Forward – Guest Post


Getting charged with driving under the influence may feel like the end of the world, but there is a way out of it. While there are likely to be legal and social consequences you’ll have to deal with, it’s also important to take care of your mental health and any addictions alongside them. The stress and guilt of a DUI can be overwhelming, but it’s now more important than ever to focus on your well-being and recovery. This guide will help you process the situation and stay mentally balanced on your road to recovery and prosperity.

Assess the Situation, and Be Proactive

DUI charges are always serious, but they sometimes can be overcome or reduced with the right legal representation and a focus on recovery. Depending on the number of prior charges and whether anyone was injured, you may be looking at anything from a limited driver’s license to a suspended license along with jail time. This may seem daunting, but it’s important to know that what’s done is done and it’s in your best interest to move forward with the right professional help.

You’ll want to take steps to ensure it never happens again. Some ways include joining a detox and addiction treatment program to help you quit alcohol and narcotics safely and for the long-term. You may want to seek therapy to help you with any past traumas along with the current stresses of your situation. Dealing with DUI charges and an addiction simultaneously can be extremely difficult, and it’s crucial that you get professional help to find a way forward.

You should also consult with an attorney as soon as possible. With their experience, you will know exactly what to expect throughout the entire ordeal. A good attorney can help minimize your legal troubles, and they will also mentally prepare you for every step of the process. This will also greatly benefit your mental health since there will be fewer surprises along the way. Understanding the legal process will remove the fear of the unknown, and you will feel more in control of the situation by actively participating in it.

Remorse is Fine, but Practice Self-Forgiveness

It’s easy to feel guilty about your DUI, and a slight amount of guilt may help you on your road to recovery. But dwelling on the past can also hinder your growth moving forward. It’s important to find a balance between recognizing your past mistakes and not repeating them while also staying positive about the future.

While therapy is highly recommended, you can also get started right away by practicing mindfulness and being present in the moment. Take notice of how you feel, and go through all the reasons you ended up in this situation. Consider what made you drive while under the influence, and understand that this is a mistake that cannot be repeated.

It’s perfectly normal to be hard on yourself given the severity of the situation, but you should also practice forgiveness for your actions. Recognize that you were in the wrong, but also that this doesn’t have to define you forever. Know that you can change your path and don’t be afraid of reaching out for professional or social help. Let your family and friends know about your situation, and open yourself up to them so you can start to heal. While some of the conversations may be difficult, they can also lead to breakthroughs in your thought process while also removing some of the weight from your shoulders.

Find Good Habits to Reduce Stress

A DUI charge is stressful, but you can minimize the stress by improving other areas of your life. Exercise is a great way to reduce both physical and mental stress along with anxiety and depression. Finally, make sure to eat well and get enough sleep so you can start the day on the right track. All of these tools will help you cope better with your current situation and lead to the best outcome possible.

Your DUI charge does not define you, but you have to work to overcome it. The above tips can help you as you mentally and emotionally recover from the whole ordeal, and working with professionals will help you to prevent it from happening again. Remember to be kind to yourself, work with your lawyer and counselors, and know that the future can only get better as time moves forward. By focusing on your mental health today, you will be better prepared to create the future you want tomorrow.

Sources – Finding Drug Rehab Centers in Missouri – When Science Meets Mindfulness – Exercise for Mental Health – Diet and Exercise and Sleep

Why Time is of the Essence When You’re Arrested for DUI – Guest Post


Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. This is especially true if it is your first run-in with the law. While easier said than done, staying calm and focusing on the legal journey ahead can have a dramatic impact on your case.

When it comes to traffic violations and DUI, time is of the essence. Apart from staying level-headed after your arrest, acting quickly and getting the help of a competent and seasoned attorney is vital. If anything, getting the best legal representation after an arrest should be a priority when charged with any crime.

In DUI cases, getting legal representation quickly is recommended if you want to protect your rights and your privileges. Other reasons why you need to act fast after a DUI arrest include:

The 10-Day Rule

In states like Georgia, anyone arrested for DUI is given only ten days to request an ALS Hearing (Administrative License Suspension Hearing) with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).

If a request is not made within the 10-day period, you can face an automatic license suspension. Your attorney can help you with your ALS hearing. If you want to safeguard your driving privileges, you need to act fast.

If you face DUI charges in Arizona, you are given 15 days (from the date you were pulled over) to contact the Motor Vehicle Division. Your diligence can prevent or delay the suspension of your driver’s license.

Also, even if diligence is done promptly, it is crucial that you work with a competent and experienced lawyer that can expertly guide you through the entire process.

If you behaved in a way that raised suspicion or if you said something at the time of your arrest, acting fast to mitigate your actions can help minimize the charges against you. In some cases, it can even result in having the charges against you to be dropped.

Interventions and Investigations

In certain situations, authorities will investigate before charging you with a crime. By getting legal help early on in the process, you will know what law enforcement and the prosecutors are up to.

Depending on the facts of your case, it is also possible that your attorney can intervene and convince the prosecutors to drop the charges against you.

You are Kept Informed

DUI lawyers have handled countless DUI cases of different types, so they know how different cases are carried out and what the possible complications may be. In addition, they can also readily anticipate what the “other side” might do.

When you consult a DUI lawyer quickly after your arrest, you will be informed about the developments in your case, so you will know where you stand. You will also have a better idea of what you can expect from the start of your case until the end.

You Can Build a Strong Defense

One of the best reasons you should work with a DUI lawyer right away is so your legal team will have ample time to conduct a thorough investigation and build a strong defense.

When your lawyer has enough time to meticulously review and prepare your case, you have a better chance of achieving a successful outcome.

What to Do After Your DUI Arrest

Aside from keeping your cool, below are some of the things you need to do after a DUI arrest:

01: Carefully read (and understand) all the paperwork given to you.

The police or the commissioner will provide you with paperwork that you need to go through and understand. Keep in mind that there are some short timelines when processing a DUI arrest.

Your failure to read and follow the documents and instructions provided might cause you to miss some deadlines. This can default into a loss of your license. In some instances, it can also result in some serious administrative sanctions.

02: Do not pay any citations or tickets if your charges require a Must Appear at Trial.

All the payable charges are scheduled for trial with the Must Appear charges even without asking the court.

03: Don’t sell yourself short and get the best DUI attorney you can find.

Why risk your financial well-being, freedom, and future by representing yourself or hiring an attorney with no ample experience handling DUI cases? If you were diagnosed with a medical condition that can alter your life if left untreated, wouldn’t you go for the most experienced and qualified doctor you can find?

The same approach should be used to choose the best DUI attorney to represent you. Remember that you face a serious criminal charge and can receive harsh penalties when convicted.

DUI law can be extremely complex, and if you are found guilty, the consequences can be very severe. You owe it to yourself, your future, and your loved ones to get a DUI attorney with award-winning representation and a track record of happy and satisfied clients.

Choosing a Drink Driving Lawyer if you have been charged Drink Driving – Guest Post


Drink Driving Lawyer

Every year, Officers perform millions of spontaneous breath tests and around 3000 roadside drug testing. According to these statistics, alcohol and drug driving are two of Australia’s most extensively policed offences.

According to NCRB statistics, drunk driving accidents have a greater death rate than other types of accidents.

As a result, as many as 42 percent of the cases in drinking and driving accidents died – a substantially greater rate than the percentage of deaths caused by “over-speeding” (30%), “careless driving” (33%), and meteorological circumstances (36%).

Because of the dangers involved with these actions, the criminal justice system has taken a strong approach against drink/drug drivers.

Suppose you are caught DUI of either too much alcohol or illicit substances. In that case, you potentially face severe penalties such as huge fines, loss of license, a criminal history, and possibly incarceration.

You might face the full extent of the law if you do not have experienced legal representation; therefore, you must pick a criminal defence lawyer wisely.

Drink Driving Lawyers Brisbane made a checklist; it would help you.

  • Expert Knowledge: Make sure the lawyer you hire has experience in the law case you seek assistance in.

For example, drink driving has many practice areas in the legal profession, and most lawyers choose to handle attorney issues. Therefore, you will need a criminal defence attorney who has years of expertise in drunk driving cases. Hundreds of drunken driving cases have been taken by attorneys, ranging from low to high-grade intoxication and drug driving, as well as reckless and culpable driving offences.

If the police were at fault or there was a factual disagreement, a skilled criminal defence team can use these problems to your advantage in your case.

  • Lawyers’ Fees: It is recommended for lawyers to disclose their costs in writing when working for you. However, some jurisdictions today force attorneys to disclose their costs before accepting a job. That being said, no matter where you live, negotiate a price with your attorney ahead of time, so you know exactly what you are paying.

Lawyers’ fees are not usually set in stone. Instead, your potential lawyer’s fee will be determined by their reputation, the amount of overhead incurred in the case, the going price for the legal problem at hand, and their expertise with similar circumstances.

  • The professional team: Some attorneys work alone, but most have solicitors on their team or outsourcing some of their consulting matters to other lawyers. You should know who will be managing your case because this might affect both the level of service you obtain and the price.

  • Communication Skills: When selecting a lawyer, keep in mind that he must communicate effectively. When we converse with a skilled communicator, it’s always a draw for us. A lawyer’s communication abilities might help him or she deliver an exceptional case.

To end, every lawyer will undoubtedly handle many situations and cases at the exact moment; your case is a primary concern for you, and you must guarantee that communication skills are the primary concern.

  • Location: You’ll want to hire a drink-driving attorney who is easy to reach. Having offices in cities eliminates the need to travel across the city to make appointments. Not only are the office locations convenient, but they each also have professional drunk driving lawyers. If you’ve been accused of drunk or drunk driving, it becomes more convenient to get to the offices within minutes.

  • Qualifications: You’ll want to hire a drink-driving attorney who is an expert and completed their certifications. Qualifications must be checked for each area of competence to ensure that their degree and clerkship are adequate.

  • Review: Last but not least, always evaluate attorneys and verify their performance before employing them. Check out their reviews of their work and their past clients. Also, see if they have won the lawsuit you are currently a victim of.

Get in contact with us today:

Drink Driving Lawyers Brisbane is a renowned law company representing drivers accused of driving drunk crimes such as drink driving, being drunk in charge, failing to produce a specimen, or being unfit to drive due to alcohol or drugs.

We have a team of professional drunk driving attorneys on hand to provide legal advice.

Contact Gold Coast Criminal Lawyers now for more information on the breadth of legal advice and representation we can give in drink driving matters, whether fighting a charge or appealing a drink driving conviction.

Kindly contact our team of expert drunk driving solicitors by phone or email to explore your legal options.

7 Things to Be Consider While Meeting with Dui Lawyer In-Person


Driving under the influence is not termed to be the safety aspect. However, the law of DUI is quite complex as compared to others because, in this case, a person will also get the order to stay in jail if there is any harm to the person. Therefore, it is essential to understand all the rules are regulations of the DUI case, and sometimes if the case is complex, then we have to hire the dui attorney glendale. A good lawyer will always help you in finding the most favorable interpretation of your case.

Most of the time lawyer will also ensure that you will not get charged unfairly. It is because all the consequences are serious, and DUI charges can bring all the things together, which involves lots of risks. Due to this case, one person will also face lots of problems in future aspects. That’s why taking the consultant from the lawyer will always help you in representing yourself in front of the court. However, they will always give you all the best advice.

DUI Lawyer Clay County Missouri

How to meet with the lawyer?

The In-Person consultation will always help you make a great decision from dui attorneys glendale which one is best. Moreover, you can also make significant decisions through your comfort zone. It means you will also analyze that you feel most comfortable with which lawyer and have a great comfort zone. Here are some steps that you need to consider while ensuring the best consultant.

  1. Be upfront about your case

The first thing that you need to do is explain all the consequences of your case. There is no need to be shy of anything you have done. You are required to provide all the facts of the case to the attorney, through which they can help you in giving the best advice about proceeding with the case. However, it would be best if you also let the lawyer determine what a relevant and vital thing in your defense is.

  1. Brings all the document

The glendale criminal defense lawyer will always ask you for the documents. It is because, through these documents, they will get to know that what violations code of law you are charged with. There is no need to make the assumption that the attorney will know your information about your case because all cases are not the same. That’s why bring all the documents like a police report, DMV letters, and some others which help the lawyer to present yourself in front of a lawyer.

  1. Experience of lawyer

You might make good research about the lawyer before the meeting, but still, it is not enough. You can also ask the lawyer about the success rate of their cases. However, you can also be asked several questions like how many cases they have brought to trial, dismissed cases, and how many cases they have handled about DUI. Make sure that no lawyer will give you the attorney will give you the guarantee about the outcome of the case.

  1. Who can handle your case?

As you have met more than one lawyer, but still may not get the satisfaction. However, it is a severe case, so you need to make the decision carefully. That’s why analyze all the things before making the decision of anything. Thus, you also need to ensure with whom you are comfortable and also ensure that who will represent yourself in front of the court.

  1. Strategy

The best thing about the lawyer is that they will always explain all the essential things about thecae. Through these aspects, they will make different strategies to win the case or handle the case in a unique way. The lawyer will provide you with a clear strategy, and it is also explained that the lawyer is experienced in handling DUI cases. All the lawyers will not have the same strategy to solve the problem. That’s why try to do all the things possible to understand their point of view about the case.

  1. Write information

It is the obvious thing that the lawyer will explain all the things. Thus, it is your responsibility to understand all the things. You will get a lot of information in the consulting session on which you want to be on track. You might be meet with different lawyers at the time. It is essential to write all the recommendations of a lawyer, and you know that different lawyers have different opinions to solve the case. Through the recommendation, one can also ensure which lawyer is the best.

  1. How to finalize the lawyer?

To finalize the dui attorney glendale, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. To help you in making the correct decision consider these things:

You need to select the lawyer in which you feel better. It means to ensure that from which lawyer you feel comfortable while speaking and explaining your point of view.

Presenting is always termed as the best key for any case. Thus, you need to select a lawyer who has good communication skills and how they will communicate in front of the jury and judge.

Confidence is an essential part of every lawyer, and you can check the confidence through the response of your asked question.

It is pretty challenging to understand that the lawyer is trustworthy or not after a meeting. Through this, one can make the correct decision by checking the testimonials of previous clients that can quickly help you in making the correct decision. However, you can also check the reviews through an online platform.

Clay County DWI Attorney

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Tips for Preventing Your Teen From Driving Drunk


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Not many people agree or acknowledge that underage drinking is a major cause of fatal crashes among drivers under 21. Some individuals do not believe that underage drinking is a national concern, even if the statistics tell them that it is.

More or less 20% of teenage drivers involved in fatal accidents and crashes test positive for alcohol consumption. Thousands of teens under 21 years old die every year due to car crashes, a significant number of which involve teen drunk driving. In 2019, over 400,000 teens aged 12 to 17 had alcohol use disorder. People with AUD cannot control their alcohol use even if they know the consequences awaiting them. These prove that underage drinking and driving is a major national concern.

If you are a parent whose teen is about to start driving, you have to find time to talk to your young driver. It’s important to prepare him or her for the responsibilities that come with a driver’s license. There are terms like DUI, BAC, and install ignition interlock device that your teen needs to familiarize. More than anything, though, you need to help him or her understand the consequences of underage drunk driving.

Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Teens

Alcohol is a depressant, so no matter how much one consumes, it can still affect a person’s coordination, sound judgment, vision, and reaction. The effect is magnified in teens. Even if they do not drink as frequently as adults do, they consume more on every occasion. Additionally, they are more susceptible to risks even with low or moderate BAC (blood alcohol concentration).

Without proper coordination, underage drunk drivers cannot control their hands, feet, and eyes. They also cannot control the way their brain works. They are not alert enough. As such, they cannot determine whether they or other drivers are going too fast or if they are too close to other cars, pedestrians, and objects.

Drowsiness is another effect of alcohol, and it can lead to distracted driving. It is risky not only for the teen driver but also for the passengers and the people and other cars on the road.

What You Can Do as a Parent

Talk to your teen about drunk driving laws

Discuss drunk driving laws with your teen, and let him or her know what the consequences are for underage DUI (driving under the influence). The following are some of the most vital points to specify:

  • Drunk driving laws are implemented throughout the country. Some vary from state-to-state, but the core laws are the same nationwide.
  • The laws consider a BAC of over 0.08% as illegal. However, all states exercise zero tolerance on all teen drunk drivers (under 21 years old). So, any amount of alcohol in their system is illegal.
  • Sobriety checkpoints are often installed in certain places. These are intended to help determine if a driver is impaired or intoxicated.
  • Those who are or have been convicted of drunk driving are required to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles. Without one, they are not allowed to drive. An ignition interlock device is a breathalyzer used to detect alcohol in the driver’s breath. It will prohibit the car from starting if it detects even the smallest amount.
  • The legal penalties of teen DUI include probation, fines, possible jail time, confiscation of driver’s license, and alcohol education facilitated by a treatment professional.

Underage DUI may have a long-term impact on your teen, too, which means it can affect his or her future. Some cases result in expulsion from school or some punishment of the same magnitude. Teens with underage DUI conviction may also have difficulty getting into college or qualifying for scholarships. Likewise, applying for a decent job can be challenging as most companies do background checks on their applicants.

Lastly, let your teen know the financial implications of underage DUI. You’ll have to pay fines and fees, insurance, alcohol education, towing fees (if applicable), medical expenses (your teens and those of other victims), and car repair.

Come up with a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

The Parent-Teen Driving Agreement will help your teen understand the most vital elements of drunk driving – the rules, consequences, what to avoid, safety and maintenance, and other relevant details. It also puts into writing a set of road rules for your teen and everyone in the family. It specifies limits and expectations.

Parent-Teen Driving Agreement forms are available online. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement and New Driver Deal form that you can download from their website.

Consider Graduated Driver Licensing programs

GDL or Graduated Driver Licensing programs are offered in several states. It helps underage or young drivers obtain enough experience in driving before they can enjoy full driving privileges. It has three phases: learner (supervised driving), intermediate (limited unsupervised driving), and full privilege (full licensing with no restrictions unless necessary).

Law-enforced restrictions are followed throughout the program.

The goal of GDL is to help minimize the risk of fatal car crashes and accidents among teen drivers.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, you should also set up an appointment with a DUI lawyer who can help introduce and educate your teen about the dangers and legal implications of underage drunk driving – and drunk driving in general.

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How to Keep Driving-age Teens Sober in The Summer – Guest Post


teen boy get arrested for drunk driving and taking police mug shot

Summertime is every teenager’s most-awaited season of the year. No school usually means getting to stay out a little later than usual to have fun with friends.

The thing is; summer is also the most dangerous time of the year for teens, especially teenage drivers. According to the NHTSA, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the deadliest for drivers aged 15 – 20 years old.

Many teenagers get their first taste of alcohol during summer which can lead to riskier driving behavior and, on a number of occasions, their first DUI offense.

Educating Teenagers About Underage Drinking and Drunk Drinking


Getting a call that your child has been involved in an accident is every parent’s worst fear. And knowing that it has something to do with teenage drunk driving makes it all the more heartbreaking.

No parent wants their teenager to drive drunk, but you must accept the fact that, on most occasions, teens actively seek alcohol rather than stumble across it. That being said, one of the best things that you can do to prevent your teens from putting themselves at risk is to open a respectful dialogue with your child about the dangers of underage drinking and driving under the influence.

Teenagers are already aware that they’re not legally allowed to consume alcohol until they’re 21. So, to drive the message home, remind them about the possible legal penalties for violating the law and make them understand that by making the choice to drive drunk, they aren’t just putting themselves in danger; they could seriously injure innocent people as well.


 5 Tips to Keep Teenage Drivers Sober


Educating your child about the dangers of driving under the influence could work to a certain extent. But if parents could stop underage drinking simply by talking to them, why is teenage drunk driving still prevalent all over the country?

Talking is definitely a good place to start, but you’ve got to be more proactive if you want to ensure your child’s safety.

Here are 5 strategies you can try to keep your teens safe and sober on the road this summer.


1. Keep Tabs on Your Teenagers


There’s nothing wrong with giving your teen more freedom in the summer, but make sure you’re always kept in the loop.

If they go out for the day, ask them to provide you with a loose itinerary of what they’re doing, where they’re going, and who they’re spending time with. If there are changes in the plans, tell them to let you know. Also, feel free to randomly check in on them through call or text. When teens are left largely unsupervised, they are more likely to get into trouble.


2. Set Clear Boundaries and Consequences


It’s important for parents to set clear boundaries, so your children are aware of what you expect from them.

Aside from reminding them that they should never drink and drive under any circumstances, you should also establish clear guidelines. Let them know until what time they are allowed to stay out, what places are off limits, how often they should check-in when they’re out, etc.

Most importantly, enforce the consequences you set for breaking the rules. If you show too much leniency, your teen may assume that there won’t be any real consequences should they experiment with alcohol.


3. Introduce Some Structure into Their Daily Routine


One of the best ways to make sure your teen stays sober over the summer is to keep them occupied. Summer may be a time for fun and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some structure to their day.

Is your teen into sport, dance, or theater? See if you can find a summer camp that caters to his or her specific interests. If not, encourage them to volunteer or get a part-time job. A busy teen is less likely to have time for drinking, partying, or getting into trouble.


4. Teach Your Kids How to Handle Peer Pressure


Peer pressure has been one of the leading causes of underage drinking. Many teenagers try alcohol for the first time because their friends are doing it and don’t want to feel left out.

Alcohol-related peer pressure is great among high-schoolers, so it’s important that your kids know how to deal with it when it happens to them. They need to learn how to refuse a drink or a ride home from their drunk friends.


5. Practice What You Preach


By now, you already know that your words won’t have much of an impact on your children if your actions don’t match. You can tell your teenager not to drink when they see you downing a few bottles of beer almost every night or driving home after a night of drinking with friends.

When imposing rules on children, always set an example for them to follow. You may think they’re not, but your kids are always watching you.