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Is it a good idea to hire a DUI lawyer


Question: Is it a good idea to hire a DUI lawyer ? How likely am I going to lose my license ?

I was driving under the influence in Platte County, I took a left turn hit my right headlight into another car. Some how the cops saw the incident or heard can’t really remember. I did all three test then they arrested me and sent to the police station where they breathalyzed me. It was over .8 and let me go the next morning


Yes you absolutely need to hire an attorney. The law around DUI’s involve probable cause, analysis of the field sobriety tests, calibration of the device you blew in etc. etc. etc. That does not include knowledge of court procedure involving evidence and the administrative side.

There are 2 sides to every DUI. The criminal side and the administrative side. The criminal side is the Jurisdiction versus you. The administrative side is the department of revenue verusus you. Both have consequences regarding your license.

A knowledgeable attorney will navigate both of these, as well as the procedures and regular practices of the judge and prosecutor.

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