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charged with a class A misdemeanor harassment for FB under fake account?



charged with a class A misdemeanor harassment for FB under fake account?
I am In Missouri. It’s almost 10 months old. I did get Discovery and only partial screenshots and statement was all had. Would that be all evidence using, or is there a real chance they would try to warrant fb for info on the deleted account? Being as it’s only a misdemeanor

Justin Hunt’s Answer
We cannot walk you through your case in these messages. You need to speak with a criminal defense attorney in your area.

Is it safe to re-enter a store after being caught shoplifting and given trespass?


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 Question:Is it safe to re-enter a store after being caught shoplifting and given trespass?
When I got caught shoplifting, they got my picture obviously. I was then told to leave and that I was no longer allowed on the premises. No police were involved that I know of. It has been nearly three weeks now, so i doubt anything will come of this. Is it ever safe to return to that store, even after waiting a year or so?

 Criminal Defense Lawyer, R. Christopher Simons answer:
It is not safe. The tresspass warning is valid until removed. You will have to get permission from the store owner or manager to go back on the property.

Refusing a Breathalyzer /Blood Test in Missouri


Refusing a Breathalyzer

Under Missouri’s Implied Consent law, drivers operating motor vehicles on public highways in Missouri are obligated to submit to breathalyzer/blood tests whenever pulled over for suspected drunk driving. Typically, the breathalyzer/blood tests are part of a drunk driving investigation meant to determine a driver’s blood alcohol concentration. Refusing to take chemical tests as provided in sections 577.019 to 577.041 of Missouri legal statutes may lead to automatic suspension of a driver’s license.

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Sobriety Checkpoints in Missouri


At a sobriety checkpoint, police officers stop drivers at some regular interval whereby the drivers are briefly detained and those suspected of intoxication are assessed for signs of intoxication and impairment. Police officers do not have unfettered discretion to stop every driver at a checkpoint. There must be an established pattern for stopping motorists. However, the police do not need reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle at a sobriety checkpoint in Missouri. These checkpoints can be set up at any time though they are common during weekends, holidays, late nights and early morning hours.

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Alibi Defense in Missouri


Alibi Defense

An alibi is a defense in criminal cases whereby a defendant demonstrates that he or she was somewhere else other than the scene of the crime at the time the alleged crime took place. In an alibi, a defendant is simply arguing that it is impossible for him or her to have committed the crime because they were at a different place at the time the crime was supposedly committed. A successful alibi rules out the defendant as the perpetrator of the offense

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Self-defense is a criminal defense that can be raised by criminal defendants who inflict serious harm on another person and they believe that they were justified in doing so. This defense can be raised in crimes such as murder, assault, battery and others where the accused responded to the threat of force or violence from the victim. While Missouri laws prohibit the use of force and violence against other persons, they equally allow individuals to use reasonable and proportionate force to protect themselves from imminent harm. Therefore, inflicting serious harm or even killing an assailant may not be considered a criminal act when the defendant reasonably believes that his or her life is at stake.

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Steps to get your Missouri driver’s license back after Alcohol Related Suspension


Alcohol Related Suspension

A person whose driver’s license is suspended by the Missouri Department of Revenue may have his or her driving privileges reinstated after the suspension period is served. Under section 302.281 (4) of Missouri laws, there are specific steps that must be completed in order to get a suspended driver’s license back. The requirements may vary based on the nature of the offense and the kind of suspension in effect. Typically, offenses that are deemed greater or severe will have stricter requirements. The following are the steps to follow

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Do I Plead Guilty or Not Guilty?


Criminal Defense Not Guilty

What is the most likely outcome of my court date tomorrow?

I have used all my allowed continuances and tomorrow 7/18/18 @ 6:00pm is my court date where I’ll have to plead either guilty or not guilty to 3 charges. 1. Leaving the scene of an accident. 2. Very small amount of marijuana possession. 3. Not sure what it’s actually called but as I was pulled out of my vehicle to speak with Overland PD someone in the back seat tossed an eye glass container with an unknown substance into my driver side floor board. I was told it would be sent to a lab to test what it is. Now I am NOT guilty of the unknown substance charge whatsoever they could dust it for prints and mine will not be there. The insignificant amount of marijuana I am guilty of. The accident was more like our mirrors tapped in road rage while the other driver drove on the wrong side of the road to get around me. I’m not sure what to plead or what to expect, I am currently looking for work and can not afforded hire an attorney unfortunately.

Attorney Justin C. Hunt Answers

Best Answer
I am assuming that the judge either took your plea or you went to trial. It’s also possible that the judge set the trial for a later date. If you have more time, hire an attorney to keep this off your record. If you did plead guilty, it’s not too late! An attorney can attempt to set aside your guilty plea and work out a new arrangement to keep this off your record. Contact a local attorney for more information.

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Questions & Answers Series-DUI/ hit and what


Criminal Defense Not Guilty

First, stop posting facts of the case online. Second, your husband will probably need to hire a DWI attorney. At this point, the government has already started two different actions against your husband: a criminal action for the DWI/ hit and run, and a license revocation for testing over .08. These are 2 separate issues that you will need to fight.

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