A felony conviction can result in multiple years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. The experienced felony defense lawyers at our firm can fight felony charges and help clients avoid years in prison. Defending against felony charges is a complicated process and the experienced felony defense lawyers at our firm can help you take charge of your case.

  • The experienced attorneys at our law firm have defended against felonies ranging from kidnapping to drug trafficking. We provide legal defense in Jackson County (Circuit Court), Clay County, Platte County and many other courts throughout Missouri.
  • Our law firm has been successful in defending against felony charges. Listed below are some of the outcomes that have resulted from our lawyers fighting to defend against felony charges.
  • *Every case is different and readers should know that the following outcomes do not in any way represent a guarantee by KC Defense Counsel, LLC an outcome in any other case or pending matter.*
  • Felony A Kidnapping charges reduced to Disturbing the Peace, Class B Misdemeanor.
  • Armed Robbery charge dismissed in Jackson County Circuit Court, prior to trial.
  • Felony DUI charge reduced to misdemeanor through plea negotiations with Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Rape charge dismissed by Jackson County Prosecutor after plea negotiations.
  • Suspended imposition of sentence for out of state client charged with multiple identity theft crimes.
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