Why Trademarks Are Important For Protect Startups & Small Businesses – Guest Post

Trademarks Are Important For Protect Startups & Small Businesses

Are trademarks important?

“Trademark” is another way of referring to brands. The Trademarks beats strongly indicating their decisions while choosing products. The trademark in script or any brand name creates goodwill and trust among the consumers so they can easily get attracted. A Trademark logo simply makes it rich, and attractive.

Customers instinctively associate these trademarks with genuine things rather than other companies like Apple, McDonald’s, Dominos, jaguar, and Ford.

So What is a Trademark? 

Trademark is a type of Intellectual property rights that is provided to certain devices, words, logos, symbols & names. It must be different so that it cannot be the same as the registered trademarks.

How Trademarks facilitate the Success of Startups & the Benefits of Trademarks Registration in the long run. 

Here are the 8 Reasons why Trademarks are important to Startups: 

1. Most valuable assets for the Company, Proprietorship or any other business Entity: 

Being a startup, one of your most important assets is your brand & that brand is most embodied in your business name & logo.

Trademarks are useful when a company wishes to expand into franchising, liasoning, increase the variety of its products & services & even increase your worth by selling products & services if you are having a brand name registration.

By Trademark registration online, your brand awareness will get improved & will attract customers.

When your business reputation grows, the more valuable your brand will be recognised.

For a business startup, it makes sense to consult intellectual property specialists as it will be your most valuable asset as you are in the initial business planning process & keep yourself out of the court. We at JustStart help you to avoid court litigation & try to do things on the front end so you need not worry to end up with the litigation process.

2. Protect customers from deception & confusion

If your brand is registered it can protect customers from deception & confusion.

By registering a brand, one distinguishes its services and products from those of the competitors who are not registered trademarks. Therefore acquiring trademark registration online prevents you from getting your name or logo copied.

For example, Disney is a brand name such as Disney theme park, Disney movies, Disney tv shows, Disney park so they have a brand name that no-one have a right to copy as Disney has protected their brand by registering it.

 3. Trademarks Build brand recognition

 Registering your trademark means building brand recognition.

So what is brand recognition?

Brand Recognition means awareness, reputation, and trust among customers. The term brand recognition is the ability of consumers to identify a brand through certain attributes like a wordmark, logo, slogan without necessarily knowing the organization name.

So registering trademarks are important for startups to create brand value. Businesses use this brand recognition to recognize brand & which will increase customer loyalty and differentiate their brands from other brands oftheir peers.

4. It prevents future legal issues.

As trademarks are important aspects of intellectual property. Trademark right allows you to prevent others from using your trademarks to sell similar products or services.

In trademarks, legal issues can occur due to similar trademarks already registered which means same sounding, same pronunciation & similar goods or services or products which are existing in the market. So when you register a trademark & get a trademark certificate you are preventing yourself from future legal issues.

Every organization should be aware of the seriousness of legal issues in trademarks & how they might harm the company’s growth. To eliminate such issues, it is necessary to do a pre-filing test, and a systematic search to avoid similar names, logos, etc. For this pre-filing test, we JustStart team help you in getting your brand name registered. We try to do things on the front end so that you will not end up in the litigation process.

5. Independent to use of Social media & Internet

Once you have a registered trademark, you can easily handle social media & internet. With an effective trademark you can publicize your product or service business on different platforms without having to worry about anything to showcase your products on social media & any other platforms. As a result, your business ranking is going high & the customers will be able to recognize you more often and more easily.

6. Easier hiring

As trademarks are registered, it enables the organization in providing a sense of security & positivity to the employees. The employees who are working feel motivated to work and be part of a reputed organization than a normal company who are not have registered trademarks.

7. Finding businesses becomes easier.

When you get your trademark registration, the customers can easily attract the brand & their trust. Trademark registration is an easy way for customers to identify the brand. The organization can stand out from the crowd using its unique brand name.

8. A Trademark is valid for a lifetime.

Once you have registered a trademark, you have a valid time period of 10 years & after that, you can get it renewed & enjoy the same privileges again.


So here above are the reasons Why Trademarks are important for startups & small businesses. Considering how competitive the market has become in recent times, it would be advisable to choose your brand name wisely so that you will concentrate on your business growth rather than involving in unnecessary litigation. With the right strategies & a trademark, you can gain plenty of desired outcomes that will be fruitful and income-generating for you.

So why wait?

Get your trademark registered with Just Start & get yourself legally protected & an exclusive right as an owner. We will keep you updated & a dedicated relationship manager will guide you for further requirements.