I Suspect That My Previous Employer Is Giving Me Bad References About Me. What Recourse Do I Have? – Guest Post

Bad References

A previous employer’s reference matters a lot in your resume if you are suspicious that your previous employer is giving bad references against you when he doesn’t have any reason for it. It’s important to go to the roots of the matter. If your previous employer is biased and holds a grudge against you in a way of giving bad references you can consider involving legal proceedings.

Suspecting the responses may be one thing, but if you have started fresh, wish to forget all past courses and still, your prior boss seems to interfere with the new place’s boss to tip bad remarks then you do have the choice to go legal and take action. Legal actions will help you clear up your reputation as your previous employer is giving misleading information about you.

For this you can take help from a California employment lawyer who can let things be proved, can make serious steps against previous employers, and set such elements.

In case hours are not working well, you are having to work extra on a lesser salary due to tips from an earlier employer and you wish to get free hours at work, then you can go legal and for that, you can take help from Wages and hours lawyers Los Angeles to cover your issues.

Before you start to turn on towards legal way to resolve previous track records and turn your earlier employer in, there are a few things to check for and they may include:

  • Evidence of blame for the new workplace
  • Strong documents or voice tapes of the suspect
  • Level of complaint or argument against you

And these are a few things that would make suspects into real concern when it comes to legal techniques so you should cover them up first and try to go for any legal recourse possible later.

Element of nature

The first thing to look for is the nature in which you left your previous job, whether any critical angles were involved or not, and even if there are, then your previous employer doesn’t have the right to abuse you in a new place so you need to settle such courses. If you left your previous job at the time you caused a loss or damage to the company or any mistakes that might make your previous employer displeased with you, it’s not illegal to give a reference that is not in your favor.

Response of your current employer

This is more valuable compared to what your previous boss has to say about you, so if your current employer is not interested in earlier performance and is happy with what you do at work then it may become a proper way to resolve and can help you stay in better condition. If your current employer is affected by the bad reference and it’s arising problems in your current job, explain the problem to your current employer, make sure to not keep the truth, be honest and let them know why is it happening so that your current job is not being affected.

Evidence of bad reference

However, what type of references are made is more essential if your current boss seems to think them of concern specific to the nature of it, so you need to find such references, make sure they don’t affect your position, and cover them by smart adjustment so legal terms can work later. You can’t involve legal action just because you are suspicious, make sure to know all the details and find the evidence to protect your claim.

Term of Recognition

This is more integral to the way you are going to be put by your staff or boss in the current state so if your earlier employer makes bad remarks, then you have to see how it is going to be in your current position and if it covers you to have more scrutiny then you have the recourse. If the information in the reference is misleading and is negatively affecting your current employment or future employment you need to take action against it.

Legal ways of resolution

Lastly, you also have the possible right to go legal, to hire a legal person to check in, to make sure your earlier employer won’t be able to damage your position or recognition in a new place no matter whatever your earlier place’s state was and strong steps can be taken to insure for your current state.

If there is any chance to resolve the problem without getting the law involved, go for it. Legal actions might affect your current position or your future employment opportunities. If the situation is huge, it’s important to take legal measures against it.


Your previous employment references can’t be avoided sometimes. If you haven’t ended your previous job on a bitter note, there’s a huge possibility that you will be getting bad references. If it’s not misleading, then it’s not a huge problem, but if it is, it’s better to take action against it.

Covering the past status does come to influence but, if you see your previous employer crossing lines, then it’s time to take legal action for that. You can consider aid from employment litigation attorneys in California to set better calls and make sure it is working well for you.

If your working hours are not decided, your past or earlier employer seems to be budging into tipping your new boss, and you are in trouble, then it is better to take the legal call and get help from wages and our sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles, who can fight your case out, make sure you do get free hours, and have it settled well at court for responses. So now you know what to do and what to follow, so if you are in this kind of situation, what measures do you need to take? I wish you all the luck that prevails!