How To Stay Out Of Trouble With The Law – Guest Post

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How to Stay Out of Trouble With The Law 

Going through life with a clean criminal record is not as easy as everyone may think. Even the most law-abiding individual can find themselves running afoul of the law in their lifetime.

Any many cases, even the slightest criminal conviction can wreak havoc on someone’s life. So follow along as we learn the best ways of how to stay out of trouble with the law.

Hanging Around Criminals

This tip may sound like common sense, but how many of us think of our friends as criminals. Sure, they may bend the law now and then when the outcome doesn’t affect someone else. But law enforcement and the courts will have a different opinion from you on what a minor crime is.

Even if you are well-intentioned and do not think you are participating in a crime, just being with your friends when one takes place can get you arrested. If your friends are doing something that you would not do, step away and don’t be anywhere around when it takes place.


First, learn what the law is in your state. Local law enforcement is consistently enforcing local ordinances. Most of these laws are misdemeanors, but there are some serious ones on the books too. Usually, if you get caught up in something like this, the local police officers will enforce the ordinance more often than not.

Laws can vary from state to state. If you are visiting, make sure you know the laws of the land before doing anything. 

If you are going to be outside the United States, make sure you do your homework ahead of time. Many countries have immigration laws that prevent foreigners from engaging in certain activities. In some cases, this can mean prison time, even if it is a misdemeanor offense back home.


Learn the traffic laws in your state. Driving too fast, not having proof of insurance, and even driving under the influence are all offenses that you can get arrested for. However, don’t think because it is a misdemeanor or low-level offense that you won’t be punished severely either.

For example, in Lousiana, first-time DWI offenders can face serious jail time and steep fines. In other cases, your license can be suspended for a year or more. Even once you get it back, having a DWI conviction on your record will greatly affect how much you pay for car insurance premiums.

If you are going to drink and drive, make sure you have a designated driver, call a taxi or use public transportation. There are no two ways about it. You will be caught if you drive over the legal alcohol limit and end up hurting yourself or someone else.

Have A Good Attorney

Being arrested is a severe business that can follow someone around for the rest of their lives. If you find yourself in trouble with the law, an attorney may be your best answer. 

Trying to fight a court case without an attorney is like going to war with a pea shooter. They know the law and what you need to do to represent yourself effectively in court. You can research attorneys in your area and find the right one for you.

A good attorney should be able to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether, depending on the evidence they can present. If you are caught engaging in any activity covered by the tips above, make sure you contact an attorney right away.

 Not doing so can lead to more charges being filed against you, which may not be able to be dropped later on. Even if they cannot get the charges dropped, you don’t want to find out what the worst-case scenario for your life is without one.