How does CENOMAR help in a transnational wedding? – Guest Post

CENOMAR help in a transnational wedding

Transnational weddings are common these days, leading to the question of how CENOMAR helps in a transnational wedding. India is the world’s largest source country for international migrants, and with over 15 million Indians living overseas, it’s unavoidable that many of them marry people from other nations. However, getting there isn’t easy, as it necessitates obtaining a Single Status Certificate.

A Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) is simply what its name depicts. It is a PSA certification, stating that a person has not entered into any marriage contracts, it is also known as a Certificate of Singleness or a Certificate of No Record of Marriage. The importance of the certificatelies in the fact that marriage in a foreign country with its native requires a single status certificate.

Synonymous names of this document used in other countries

  • No Record of Marriage Certificate
  • Certificate of No Impediment For Marriage
  • Certificate of Nulla Osta
  • Single Statutory Declaration
  • Certificate of Celibacy
  • Certificate of Freedom To Marry
  • Unmarried Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Certificate
  • Affidavit of Single Status
  • Certificate of No Public Record

Who needs this certificate?

It is one of the most vital documents that help an individual in a transnational wedding. Individuals looking for an affidavit of Single status can even contact their nearby service providers; they can help you to get the certificate, no matter whether you are looking for services as an NRI (if you are an NRI) or a local citizen. Service providers are experts in the field hence they can help in providing Services to NRIs as well as locals in such requirements, and it is not a difficult task for them. Only a few people who fit into the following categories require this certificate:

  • Those Indians who are planning to marry a foreign national.
  • Those who are going to study or work in another country
  • Those who want to start a career in the military or the CISF

How does CENOMAR help in a transnational wedding? 

Bachelor’s certificate not only paves the way for your marriage to a foreign national but also is used to prevent sham marriages, in which one party seeks to get an immigration advantage or other benefits by marrying someone else. Certain employment applications may also require this certificate. Several countries have recognized the significance of how a single status certificate helps hence, making it mandatory to get the certificate to avoid polygamy and illegal marriages from happening. To defend and safeguard the interests of its nationals, the foreign government will demand a single status certificate. The unmarried certificate verifies that the person has never been married before. It specifies the circumstances of the prior marriage, if any, and whether the person is divorced or widowed. The certificate verifies that the individual is single and eligible to marry a foreign national.

Documents required to get the certificate

For Bachelors

  • An affidavit stating that the affiant is unmarried, together with further information on the affiant’s address, name, and witnesses.
  • Proof of address, such as a bank passbook, a rental agreement, a voter ID card, or an Aadhar card.
  • A passport or visa is required.
  • Proof of birth, such as a birth certificate, NABC, or school certificate.
  • Parents’ proof, voter identification, and Aadhar card

For Divorced/ Widowed

Apart from the above-mentioned documents, divorced/widowed need to submit:

  • If the applicant is officially divorced, he or she will require to submit an Absolute Decree.
  • If the applicant’s former spouse has died, a death certificate is required.

Ways to get a single status certificate in India

The application for certificate attestation is simple; nevertheless, it can be completed by the applicant or his family members:

  • Step 1: The State Home Department will verify the Single Status Certificate and send it to the District.
  • Step 2: The State Home Department will confirm the original Single Status Certificate after receiving verification from the District.
  • Step 3: After the State Home Department has attested the original Single Status Certificate. For further attestation/legalization, the original Single Status Certificate would be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in New Delhi.
  • Step 4: After attestation, you must take the document to the Indian embassy or the country where you desire to marry.

You can also get an apostille single status affidavit by consulting service providers:

This is an easier and faster option because it entails the affiant utilizing professional services. The agency prepares the draft, and the applicant only needs to submit the required documents. The apostille and attestation agency ensures that the document is stamped and forwarded to the MEA/Home department for authentication.

Because the MEA and embassies are located in different regions, expert assistance in the process of certificate attestation of these papers is highly advised. Considering the importance of a bachelorhood certificate in a foreign wedding service provider ensures that no mistakes are made as well this saves a lot of money and time.


After going through the article, one can conclude how CENOMAR helps in transnational weddings. Besides that, it is also a good policy since it protects many women from being defrauded, and it also allows a person to marry in a foreign nation with his or her own spouse after calling them from their home country and completing the necessary paperwork in the place where we are getting married.