What To Do If You Get Hurt In An Uber Accident? – Guest Post

Get Hurt In An Uber Accident

Now in the overcrowded world, accidents happen many times a day. So if you get into an accident with your uber, it’s important to know what to do. For those who don’t know, Uber is a ride-sharing service connecting people who want a car to travel from one place to their destination.

If you involve in any road accident, such as the Uber accident, you should be aware of your rights and protect your injury settlement. Unfortunately, you don’t know what to do next when you take the Uber service and get hurt in an accident. Here are some important things, including hiring an Uber accident lawyer you must do if you get hurt in an Uber accident.

Report The Accident

It’s your right to report the accident if your driver was involved in the uber accident as a passenger. You must inform the police by contacting them by phone to let them police know when and where the accident happens.

Also, until the police don’t arrive at the accident location, you must keep your eyes on drivers and push them to remain at the location. It doesn’t matter whose fault the accident is if the damage is not major or significant, and the Uber driver also prefers to go instead of waiting.

But if you get hurt in an accident and have serious injuries, it’s very important to report the police to the accident to claim insurance. When the police arrive at the scene, they handle the situation or gather all necessary information from the scene.

Record The Details

You must record all details related to the incident of the Uber accident and keep those records as witnesses. You should take down people’s names and contact numbers immediately after the accident happens. For filing a claim regarding an uber accident, you need some information such as the following:

  • Both driver’s names and contact who involve in an accident
  • Accident time and date
  • Witnesses’ names and contact information

Get Medical Attention

If you and the Uber driver get hurt in an accident, you should immediately contact the medical facility after resolving the initial chaos and shock. Immediately contacting the medical facility doesn’t mean you need to take an emergency ambulance ride, but getting an appointment with any doctor as soon as possible.

But if you get injured too badly, you must also go to the hospital for better treatment. If the injuries aren’t as serious as minor ones, then instead avoid, you must visit the doctor because these injuries hurt the most after a few days or weeks.

Avoid Offers Of Premature Settlement

If you get hurt in a major accident, you may be able to negotiate with the Uber driver and ask them to pay your medical expenses. But instead of doing it on your own, you should take legal action to get a claim because the claim you will get by legally is much higher than the premature settlement.

Final Words

If you are not aware of your right or do not know what to do after getting hurt in an uber accident, then taking advice from an Uber accident lawyer will help you negotiate legally. They will help you getting fair and reasonable compensation.