What Is Your Legal Responsibility After a Car Accident? – Guest Post

Legal Responsibility After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is a possibility no one wants to think about. However, chances are that you will be involved in one at some point in your lifetime. It’s good to be prepared for that eventuality.

One thing you should know in advance is what your legal responsibilities are after a crash. With this knowledge, you can save yourself from a lot of problems. Here is a brief overview of your legal responsibilities when you are in a car accident.

Report the Accident

One thing you are expected to do in the legal system is to report the accident to law enforcement. This should be thought of as a legal duty, but it’s also smart to do regardless.

The responding officer will observe the scene, interview both drivers and any witnesses and then make a report of their findings. Having such a report is extremely important from a legal perspective.

If you are ever taken to court over the accident, the police report can help prove your side of the story. Without it, it may end up as your word against the other driver’s. If the other driver lies, you may have no way to prove so in court. The judge and jury, however, are likely to give a lot of weight and trust to exactly what the police report says.

Call for Emergency Medical Services

Another duty you have in the event of an accident is to call for emergency medical services if anyone was harmed in the accident. This includes you, your passengers, the other driver, their passengers or any bystanders. Doing so will certain help protect you legally, but it’s the smart and right thing to do regardless.

Don’t be so sure about the extent of your injuries or the injuries of anyone else involved in the accident. Serious internal injuries may not immediately manifest in a form you can detect. Internal injuries can still hurt or even kill you, regardless of when they show up.

Deal with Insurance

After such an accident, you must exchange car insurance information with the other driver. You should then report the accident to your insurance company as well. Reporting such an accident early will help ensure that your car accident claims are approved by your insurer. If you do not, however, your claims could be denied.

You also need the other driver’s information to make sure you are not left with bills you cannot pay or are sued over the accident. Your insurance company needs the other driver’s information in order to negotiate properly with their insurance company.

Overall, no one wants to think about the possibility of being in an auto accident. Still, it’s something everyone must consider and be ready for.

One of these considerations should be the legal steps you must take in order to protect yourself. These include reporting the accident to the police, calling for emergency medical services, obtaining the other driver’s insurance information and reporting the accident to your own insurance company.