Can I Sue Someone for a Car Accident If There’s No Police Report? Guest Post

When pursuing compensation after a car accident in Texas, the police report forms an essential part of the necessary evidence. It offers the written account of the police’s assessment of the accident scene, eye witness reports, damages to the vehicle, and the victims’ injuries.

While the police report can help expedite your claim, it does not determine fault at trial. In simple terms, its absence cannot bar you from filing a lawsuit against the other party if injuries become evident after several hours or days.

What if the police didn’t show up?

The police may not always show up after an auto collision. In such a case, you have a legal obligation to report the crash within ten days to law enforcement.

However, that may not be necessary if there are no apparent injuries, death, or the property damage is insignificant. You and the other party may agree to walk away without calling the police or filing a report. If that happens, bear in mind that your chances of winning may be limited in case injuries become evident after some time or the other party decides to turn against you and sue you.

That’s where skilled Corpus Christi car accident attorneys come in. The right team of lawyers will ensure you are on the safe side if the other party decides to sue. Better still, your attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve if you get injured in an accident and do not have the police report.

What should I do after a car accident if there’s no police report?


Get the other driver’s personal information.

When the police fail to show up and the other driver(s) involved are at the scene, taking their information can be critical. These should include:

  • Their full legal names, address, and the license plate number
  • Make and model of the vehicle(s)
  • Insurance information
  • Date and the location of the accident

Take pictures and video footage of the accident scene. 

As soon as you establish that it is safe, it’s important to document the accident scene. Take photographs and video footage of the scene. While at it, make sure that the photos you take clearly show the extent of the damage, injuries sustained, the other vehicle’s license plates, and anything else that could be relevant to your case.

Call your insurance company.

Fault notwithstanding, making a report of the accident to your insurer as soon as possible is essential. Most insurance policies require that you make a report to their office in case of an accident. Other than remaining on the insurer’s records, the report can serve as evidence of the crash where a police report is missing.

Collect witness reports. 

After an accident, it’s always necessary to talk to people who may have witnessed the accident happen. Among them, you may be able to identify individuals who are willing to help you as witnesses to your case.

Video footage from nearby businesses or homes. 

If your accident happened in a residential area or near business premises, checking to see if they have CCTV surveillance can help. CCTV footage can be used in court by the Corpus Christi car accident lawyers you hire to prove fault in court.

Let our Corpus Christi car accident attorneys handle your personal injury case.

If you have suffered an injury in an auto crash and are feeling stranded for not having the police report after a car accident, don’t despair. The experienced Corpus Christi car accident attorneys at Burkett Law Firm can help you with your case.