What is a show cause hearing for restraining order?

What is a show cause hearing for restraining order?
Long story short–a family member got a restraining order on me because I didn’t show up to the hearing. Anyhow, my mother had gotten into an argument with said family member-and they argued back any forth. An unrelated matter that had nothing to do with me.

The family member told numerous people it was my mother who did it but then ran to the police and said it was “probably her” and said I violated my restraining order.

Now I have a show cause hearing. They’ve told me to find care for my children because the judge could decide that day to put me in jail. Over text messages that weren’t even me? So.. Can they throw me in jail without a lawyer or fighting it? Or what is a show cause hearing? Will they let me get a lawyer or assign one to me if I am facing jail time? What should I bring?

Justin’s Answer
The judge is ordering you to “show cause” while you should not be held in contempt for violating the order. This is a serious accusation: you need to contact an experienced domestic violence attorney to help you prepare for this hearing.