How is it a Prosecutor plays a role in whether or not a bond is issued on a felony probation capias warrant?


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My fiancee was arrested on a possession posted a bond. A felony probation capias warrant came out a day later. His PO said he would not object to the judge lifting the warrant pending the outcome of the case. To just have our lawyer contact the judge. So Im wondering what role it is the prosecutor is playing in objecting to the lift of the capias. I understand his role in the initial charge which caused the violation which as a result the capias was issued but not understanding his role in the capias. Shouldn’t that be between Probation and Parole, the Judge and our Attorney?

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How can I get my boyfriend out of jail?


How can I get my boyfriend out of jail?
My boyfriend is being charged for resisting arrest. well when the first court date came around he had no idea about because he was in prison for a parole violation. It’s not like he missed the court date on purpose. I am wondering if the judge might reduce his bond or will they make him stay in there till the case is over

Justin’s Answer
You can pay his bond or hire an attorney for him who will attempt to get the bond reduced. If you try to get the bond reduced, you will be practicing law without a license. Do not do that.