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Charged with felony possession for a spoon

Charged with felony possession for a spoon
Not my proudest moment however I was in an abusive relationship where drug use was a means of control. When I left him I got a restraining order which he violated via legal harassment and called cops on me for a false wellbeing check suggesting I had overdosed. I informed the police that I was clearly fine and that my ex had violated the r.o. and they were enabeling him which they returned to tell me it was anonymously called in (lie). I was actually not using at the time but had these items in my property and admitted to them (mistake). I was on misd. probation for property damage (dog poop- not kidding) so am dealing with probation violation as well as possession for a spoon that tested positive for residue though I cannot see that being a usable amount. I currently have a capias warrant because I accidently missed my court date for violation hearing and am in desperate need for an attorney. I have just under 1000 to put down and need someone to work with me please. I have been drug free since the incident.

Justin’s Answer
These gentlemen are correct: stop talking about your case with anyone other than your attorney and we cannot contact you using Avvo. You can, however, use Avvo’s search to find an attorney in the Rolla, MO area.

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