The Six Traits Of Great Lawyer – Guest Post

Six Traits Of Great Lawyer

In today’s time along with different advances in lifestyle and change in the people’s mindsets, problems and needs are on a constant rise by the drop of the minute and for every problem there is a legal branching so that justice prevails. This is a reason why being a lawyer is amongst the top professions in the world right after doctors and engineers.  But even though there are abundant lawyers and prospective lawyers in the world economy. The gap between demand and supply of lawyers doesn’t seem to narrow down. Ever wondered why so?

It’s because not every lawyer is the right lawyer, where the situation demands it. Having a lawyer who is well-read, well-set and industrious is of utmost importance. A lawyer is the balancing factor or the moderator of the society, ensuring that justice prevails and that each individual is treated with equality and no prejudices. There are lawyers who think of their profession as a money minting task rather than doing good to the people. That’s not something to look out for in your lawyer. Need to distinguish a great lawyer from the rest…

Here are the six winning traits of a top lawyer!!

  1. Cost

This is one crucial factor to look into while hiring a lawyer. It is well-suited to have a legal representative who goes easy on the funds. There are some lawyers who offer free of charge consultation, unlike the rest just minting from mere signatures. Also, there are lawyers who only charge if they make you win your dispute, doesn’t that sound great, go for such a lawyer. Make a society scan and go only for the lawyer who offers quality work at affordable rates.

It’s not compulsory to go after a heavily experienced lawyer at all times, if the situation isn’t that tough and the budget isn’t that great, you can go for less experienced lawyers they charge less.However, ensure that the professional is well-read and has a good track-record in the area of law your case falls under. If possible go for payment on a contingency basis at all times, which means that you pay only if you win and not otherwise, so if you lose you don’t lose any money.

  1. Experience

It is always advised and sometimes it goes without saying that you hire an experienced lawyer, obviously the one who is experienced in the area of law related to your case. But as expressed earlier you can go for the next best option if the budgeting doesn’t cover it. E,g. If you are being sued you wouldn’t go to a lawyer with a handsome experience of 10 years in family law, but rather go to an attorney having the maximum experience you can find amongst all.

Though not all cases go through hearings and arguments, it is advisable to go for a professional who can represent you and speak for your case in the court of law. There might be a situation that your case makes it to the courtroom, your lawyer should be comfortable and prepared for all kinds of legal treatment. The variety in the experience the higher the chances of winning. Question your professional about his past cases.

  1. Persona

Being on the same page is always a good way of making things work. You should be comfortable with your lawyer’s personality in all only then will you be able to work with him/her. It’s equally important to get along, because the time of a lawsuit is challenging and you should be fine sharing issues with your lawyer. You don’t want to be with someone you can’t bear at times like this.

All lawyers have a different personality while at work. Some lawyers are loud and aggressive and will get down to quick solutions and sometimes even out of the court bullying for a settlement, on the other hand there are lawyers who might take their own time to come to a solution after trials and also a good amount of research and studying. The lawyer you choose should have a personality that matches the complexity of the case. You can ask for lawyer references from your kith and kin.

  1. Approachability

No point in hiring someone who isn’t there when required. Go for a lawyer who is readily available at all times for your case. If the professional is always busy or out of town, it will be difficult to contact and this may form loopholes in treating your case.

You might end up waiting for weeks for the next step in your dispute or just to get a follow-up from the lawyer. It’s like a blessing to get someone who is active on call, with messaging and even emailing or even in person, whatever the situation demands.

  1. Ethics

Being ethical is always an added relief. Your lawyer must be ethical, only then will your win hold validation and immunity. Being upfront and honest is what your professional must go by. The lawyer shouldn’t just do this with your case, but ethics should prevail throughout their past experience and style of working. There shouldn’t be any assurance that can’t prevail and the lawyer should also keep you completely aware about the different possible outcomes.

Ethics not only cover honesty and transparency, but the lawyer should also adhere to the legal rules of the place of dispute. Don’t hire a lawyer who switches on the suspicion regarding ethics in you. A lawyer without ethics can never be trusted and that may even land you in even more trouble with him foul playing with your case for more money or even changing sides.

  1. Compassion

Understanding is actually what compassion unveils. If your lawyer can understand what you’ve gone through and what all you need then nothing like it, hire him/her instantly, the individual can do and knows what’s best to do. The lawyer shouldn’t be judgemental at all and should take advantage of your situation in any way. After all a lawyer is a professional who you can rely on in the most difficult times, times that require legal attention.

If your understanding doesn’t match, it’s time to go for another legal professional. Compatibility is a deal-winner as you will be working quite closely and sometimes for an indefinite time with this legal helper.

Winding Up

These were the most important traits to look for in your lawyer or upcoming lawyer. But these aren’t enough. Your legal professional should have great linguistics, memory, confidence, code of conduct and not to forget strength of character. Also look into the work-setup, qualification backing and humanism of the individual you want to work with. Go ahead and make a wise choice and remember not all expensive lawyers are great and not all affordable lawyers miserly with their work. You can take help of some popular lawyer apps where many popular lawyers register. Scan their history for hiring clarity.

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