Is a DUI in Missouri considered a crime?

Is a in considered a crime?

My wife recently filled out an application for a job she was offered. On the application there was a question that simply asked, ” Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” With no other explanation. We discussed it and she put down no. About 10 years ago she got a DUI, but we thought that wasnt considered a crime, but a driving infraction. After more research we are worried that we had put the wrong answer down and it may impact the decision. We are not trying to hide anything, but felt based on the way the question was asked we had put the right answer. Advice please?

Justin's Answer

Yes, it is a crime in MO. However, as the other gentlemen have stated, it's possible that she did not get a conviction for it. You can try looking up the case at the court house, or an could try looking up the charge to see it it resulted in a conviction.

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