Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate – Guest Post

Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate

It is quite common for people to confuse lawyers and advocates. But, in practice, these professions are different from each other. This blog will give you the importance of lawyers and the difference between lawyer and advocate professions.

If you are a law student or are connected to the legal field, you must know the difference between these two terms. But it is even more important to know the importance of the professions in the first place. Here is an explanation to make any layman understand in a few words:

Lawyers And Advocates: Ideal Situations vs. Practice

According to Lawyers and Advocates, there is a fine line that exists between the principles of ideals and that of real-life practice. In ideal cases, the term justice is used to refer to universal good. Hence, justice ensures that the law is made in such a way that it is able to protect the rights of the rich and the poor equally.

According to ethical requirements, all lawyers and advocates are expected to serve only according to the interests of the clients, no matter what their background is. This, added to the principles of justice, ensures that all the parties, despite their background, are represented on an equal footing.

But, in practice, access to justice and the expensive and extremely complex procedures gets determined by the ability of the client to pay the fees of the lawyer or the advocate. In such cases, it must be noted that the bigger share of providing legal services to people goes mostly to the rich and the wealthy.

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Lawyers vs. Advocates

The major differences between a lawyer and an advocate are given below in a detailed manner:

Who Is A Lawyer?

It is also important to know the difference between the lawyer and advocate professions. If you are studying law to get a degree in law, or you already have a law degree, then you are considered a lawyer. In short, if you are professionally trained in the law, then you shall be considered a lawyer. As a lawyer, you get the option to be a law consultant and a legal adviser. Being a lawyer also gives you the option to become an academician or a professor.

Apart from that, as a lawyer, you can also become a legal counselor working for a law firm. You can also have the ability to draft various documents like contracts, wills, deeds, and many more.

Who Is An Advocate?

All advocates are lawyers, while all lawyers are not advocates. Advocates are those lawyers who have cleared the Bar Exam. Clearing the Bar exam allows you to possess the certification, which allows you to represent clients in different courts. This is the basic difference between the lawyer and advocate professions.

Also, as an advocate, you will have the ability to represent your clients in the courts and help them win the cases they are attached to. There are various acts that offer protection to an advocate and other acts that allow an advocate to practice his profession freely in the courts of law. There are also various exams for advocates as per practice in higher courts.

In other words, the difference between lawyer and attorney professions can be explained in the language of genus and species. A lawyer belongs to the genus, which includes every person that possesses a law degree, while an advocate is a particular specie within that genus. That is, advocates are lawyers who possess a law degree as well as a license to practice in any court.

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The Status Of Lawyers And Advocates In The United States

There is actually no difference between the lawyer and attorney professions in the United States. The concept of the United Legal Profession works in the USA. This means that there is basically no difference between the advocates who help people to fight cases in the court and the lawyers that are not associated with a court.

But, in other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and India, there is a fine difference between lawyer and attorney professions, as explained above.

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The Roles Played By Lawyers and Advocates In The Society

The society that we live in is bound by law and legal aspects. The functions of society are determined by law. When a crime is committed, it is judged through the eyes of the law. The judiciary or the courts are responsible for judging the applicability of a crime and the level of crime so as to bring justice to the victim as well as the society.

In the US, the constitution is the law of the land. The Supreme Court of the US is the final interpreter of this constitution. The laws in the US are created to protect all individuals and social groups so as to secure the rights of the people.

The rights are there to ensure social, economic, and political justice, equal opportunities, and status of all, in addition to liberty of belief, thought, and expression. These are the major pillars of the US legal system. Hence, lawyers and advocates help individuals to get justice through the courts. Such is the importance of Lawyers and Advocates.

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