Are public defenders reliable when fighting a fed case? What are the pros and cons to then?

I am currently fighting a federal case with 9 counts and was appointed a public defender because at the time I couldn’t afford a private lawyer. It is a serious offense and seems like it could carry alot of time if convicted. Is it best to try and get my own defense lawyer or can a public defender get the same results?
This is my first offense

Justin’s Answer

It defends on the public defender. In my experience, public defenders typically have much more trial experience than private attorneys, simply because their practice is focused there. The local office here in Jackson County are among the best in the state and have recently had a lot of success against the prosecutor’s office.

That said, they are generally over-worked and have much less time to focus on an individual case. If you are worried about this, many private attorneys offer payment plans and free consultations.