An officer getting caught for Shoplifting/larceny at the AAFES?

An officer getting caught for /larceny at the AAFES?
I am still serving in the military as an officer, been in for 13 years with no negative records. I got caught shoplifting from the PX in the amount of $250 for multiple items. I was arrested and brought to the Security Forces station for fingerprint and DNA. I admitted that I took the stuffs from the PX in the sworn statement. Will it go to my background check? What will happen to me? I do not want to get kicked out of the AF. Will it effect me from getting a government job or state job, should I get kicked out? Thanks for listening and your suggestions.

Justin's Answer
I don't know why you listed this as Juvenile Law, but it should be under Military Law. You should also contact a military defense : this is a specialized area of law.

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