Am I a sex offender?

Am I a sex offender?
When I was a minor under 18 I masturbated a lot. I was always dressed but there were times when I would do it with my sister in the same room and she is younger than me. She never noticed really except for once but she didbt know that's what I was doing. She never payed attention to what I was doing. I didn't know it was wrong at the time to do it with others in the room. I'm worried that since I did it with another person in the room I'm a sex offender..

Does that make me a offender?

Justin's Answer
Probably not. Most of the sex crimes require you to exposure yourself for gratification or to startle others; if you were just an ignorant kid you are most likely safe. If ever ask you about it, tell them you want to talk to an , then let the attorney sort it out.

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