6 Things You Should Share with Your Personal Injury Lawyer – Guest Post

Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best option when you are fighting for your right to compensation for the injuries you have sustained. Personal injuries can range from vehicle, pedestrian, slip and fall, and even dog bite accidents. Of all personal injury cases, car accidents stayed in the number one spot in 2021. Over 6 million vehicle accidents were reported to the police in the US, and over 39 thousand of them were fatal accidents.

Going through a personal injury case means you need law experts by your side. It is best to get help from experts like personal injury lawyers from cbpw-law.com.

No detail should be left behind to build a powerful case and win. Share every piece of information with your lawyer.

Never share details with other people, never on social media where details of your case could go viral, and never talk to anyone, especially the other party involved, that could lead to the failure of your case.

The Things You Should Share with Your Personal Injury Lawyer are as Follows:

1. Accident Details

Never leave any detail behind about what happened in the accident. Relay everything from start to finish. Include information like the date, time, location, and, if possible, the names and contact details of the other party involved. Tell your attorney the event sequence that led to the accident and the factors that may have contributed to the incident.

2. Injuries, Medical, and Hospital Information

Providing all the medical information, expenses, treatments, and injuries, no matter how small the cut or bruise, is crucial for your lawyer to assess the extent of your injury. Your lawyer needs all the medical information you have and adds them as resources to win your case.

3. Present All Your Witnesses

The witnesses are very important for the personal injury lawyer to know. The people who saw the accident will play a huge role in winning the case, with names, contact numbers, and addresses if possible.

Personal Injury Lawyer

4. Discussions with Your Insurance Company

Prior to contacting your personal injury attorney, you might have already talked to your insurance company about the damage to your vehicle or property. Let the lawyer know about the conversation and what you have talked about for managing negotiations effectively.

5. Past Injuries or Medical Conditions

Be open and truthful about your pre-existing injuries and medical conditions before the accident. Hiding health information would create disaster and the fall of your case.

6. Photos and Videos of the Accident Scene

Make sure to share all photographs or videos of the accident scene with your lawyer. Pictures of the four corners of the collision, the area, your bruises, your cuts, and the street signs or stop lights that you have taken. Don’t leave any photos behind; every photo angle can be used for a strong case.


In addition, do share all your personal details. Your lawyer needs to know your personal information to represent you in court and through the legal process. Your name, age, occupation, marital status, and, if possible, your hobbies. Every detail about you is important to your lawyer in building a strategy for going through a complicated trial.

Never be afraid to share information with your hired lawyer. They will defend you and fight for your rights. Always remember that an attorney-client privilege protects the confidentiality between a lawyer and a client. A personal injury victim is encouraged to be honest and open to all or any communication with the lawyer. All information you share with your lawyer remains confidential and will not jeopardize the outcome of your case.