No doubt, incidence knock on our doorsteps without prior notice; if one happens and the next statement you heard is “you have to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law; you have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you?” How would you bring yourself out of such an ugly situation? There is usually a way out; consult with a criminal lawyer or a defense attorney as fast as possible.
Many times, we knowingly or unknowingly run into law-breaking incidences and this may call for an arrest or being held in police custody. There is a particular statement issued by the police during the course of the arrest; this pronouncement is known as the Miranda Warning.
The Miranda warning or pronouncement is a common warning issued by police to criminal suspects in their custody informing them the right they have to silence during interrogation that is; they have the right not to answer questions or give information to law enforcement agency or any other official.
As frightening as this statement is, it is a right given so that a suspect would not implicate himself during the course of an interrogation; although, not everyone knows the practical application of the right.
One may ask, what is the purpose of this right and how is it applicable to criminal suspects in police custody. Justice demands that everyone should have the right to speak without fear or favor which also extend to criminal suspects; which means a trial must take place before they are convicted or acquainted depending on the outcome of the trial.
However, it is always difficult for criminal suspects to defend themselves without fidgeting or altering implicating proceedings during questioning, and for their rights not to be infringed on, they are given a Miranda right; that is, the right to a defense attorney.
When eventuality occurs and one is a criminal suspect, the dominant thought in one’s mind will be how to get out of the ugly incidence; what you need to do is to take a chill pill and contact your defense attorney. The intervention of an experienced criminal defense lawyer goes a long way in curtailing any form of self-implicating statement suspects may profess during the course of an interrogation.
How Miranda warning is used varies depending on the law guiding each city. Missouri is one place that is dominated by police to maintain law and order. A situation may arise where you would be subjected to questioning or interrogation; you need to know your right, allow a criminal defense lawyer do the bidding in your stead.
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