Can I possibly sue the internal affairs?

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In 2011 there was a dirty police officer who was being investigated by the internal affairs & I was one of the guys that the Police Officer was harassing all of them time for reason I even moved out of town to get away from the trouble of being hurt by this officer. The internal affairs put a “wanted for questioning” for me to help them build a case against the officer but I didn’t know anything about it I was off to college living my best life. 7 years later in 2018 I was pulled over by the same police municipality of the corrupt officer & the wanted was still in their system but the officer has already been fired and that case was OVER in 2011 they just forgot to take out “wanted” and it was only in their system because I was also pulled over by STL County for traffic but he gave me a warning and let me leave but the City police officer said I had a “wanted for internal affairs” from 2011. The officer said it was probably outdated so he called it in but no one answered. That led him to searching my car and arresting me after finding some illegal things nothing but weed and a firearm. When I got to the station they released after finding out the “wanted” was outdated

Criminal Defense Lawyer, R. Christopher Simons Answer
No, you can’t sue internal affairs, but an attorney might be able to get your case dismissed for illegal search. That question will be difficult to answer in just a comment: you will have to speak with an attorney and give them more information. DO NOT GIVE MORE INFORMATION HERE AS IT COULD JEOPARDIZE YOUR CASE.