What will happen if I plead not guilty to a municipal violation?

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Hello,I was given a derelict . The property is a rental and the had plates that are less than one year expired. They say they sent me a warning prior to the citation but that was never received and while I doubt it matters I have a recorded conversation with the offer who admits that it was sent to the wrong address. It was sent a child hood home in the same community but that me nor any of my family owns now.

Additionally, I'm unsure if according to if I should have received the citation or my tenant? Lastly, I know it probably doesn't matter but the brother of the Alderman of this municipality has a junkyard masquerading as a mechanic shop that has many vehicles with tags that are many years expired all around the surrounding house in the neighborhood.

For all of these reasons I refuse to plead guilty to a municipal violation charge for a derelict vehicle. If the car is moved or the plates updated by court what will happen if I plead not guilty to the ? What could happen if the car is not? I apologize if I gave to much information but I've attempted to give everything pertinent.

Thank you very much in advance!

, R. Christopher Simons Answer
It depends on the municipality. Generally what you've described is just a fix-it ticket and the judge will dismiss the case if you've fixed the problem, but not in every city. If you just plead not-guilty, it will go to trial. You will lose the trial because nothing you just described is a defense in your case. The only possibility is if the warning is required before you can be convicted. However, I cannot explain to you how to use this in a trial. Your bet is to ask an in that municipality.