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The witness made a claim in passing then disappeared

The witness made a claim in passing then disappeared
While walking to my car . A witness stop an stare at me up and down. And ask what the f am I looking at. This person went into a crazy rant trying to coach me into some kind of Confrontation. The incident was very disturbing and upsetting I finally got to my car and pulled off and was pulled over by the cops for a driving too fast. I thought I was in for only to find out that the witness made a claim that I threaten him. To my dismay I told him that never happened. They went back to get the witness an the witness just disappeared Into the Night. I was not charged but they took the report should I obtain a now

Justin’s Answer
I agree with Mr. Hardin. It will be difficult for them to prosecute the case without a witness. You can contact an now. Definitely contact an attorney if you get summoned to court.

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