Is there anything we can do to stop the harassment?

Is there anything we can do to stop the harassment?
I am currently living in a condo with my very close friend. She is currently on disability for medical and has a 10 year old son. She has been renting the condo for 5 years , and president of the condos has always started problems with her. Now that I am here things are worse. She has stopped neighbors and told them nasty things about my friend in the hopes to get her to move out. DFS has been called anonymously 5 + times, and no problems have been found. She has said things like”my friend is a drug addict” ,”don’t talk to her because she is bad news” , “Blank and her neighbor are making the condos white trash and it’s bringing down the value of the condos” ,” this isn’t a place for kids, they should be living in section 8”, Now,there is a new president and she has began to do the same thing. She has said things about both of us to many many ppl and now it has the whole neighborhood watching us. Also, I am threatened with the police if I have any guests and if I even walk outside to talk to anyone then she tells ppl I’m dealing drugs. I have many friends, and she has made it to where I fear the cops will be called if I even have guests at my house.

Justin’s Answer

You can apply for a protective order. Just go to the court of the city or county where you live and ask the clerk for a protective order. The are some forms to fill out, but the procedure is relatively straight forward. It sounds like this might fit the criteria for stalking, but without know more about your situation, I cannot tell you how likely a judge is to grant the restraining order.

You can also call the police to report the harassment. I’d suggest the non-emergency number.

If this doesn’t work, you have several legal options that an attorney can help with: I find that a strongly worded cease and desist letter is generally enough to make most aggressors back down. You might also consider a civil suit for slander.

Please remember that this is generalized information. You should probably speak with an attorney to get specific advise on your case.