How Can a Domestic Violence Lawyer Assist in Legal Proceedings? – Guest Post

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence affects many people, with numbers suggesting more than ten million experience domestic violence every year in the US alone. Unfortunately, most of these people can barely get out of this situation due to many different reasons. Some of these reasons include lack of resources, presence of children, or even the fear of more severe abuse in case the victim attempts to take any action.

There is no shortage of self-help resources for many victims of domestic violence, such as the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Organizations like these are making many efforts to reduce domestic violence by introducing different programs and hotlines. However, these efforts are not enough to actually make a dent in domestic violence figures.

Therefore, people need to seek assistance from domestic violence lawyers and deal with the situation in an appropriate manner. But how can a domestic violence lawyer help a victim in such cases? Continue reading as we explore ways a domestic violence lawyer can assist a victim with legal proceedings.

  1. Getting a Restraining Order: More or less, everyone is aware of restraining orders. However, if you are not aware, then a restraining or protection order is something that prevents an individual from coming near you. Therefore, if you are a victim of domestic violence, you can seek assistance from a domestic violence lawyer to get a restraining order. This will prevent the abuser from coming anywhere near you with respect to the distance mentioned on the restraining order. Other than that, it can also be used to prohibit the abuser from posing any sort of firearm that could be used to cause any harm to you. The restraining order also requires the abuser to move out of the shared living home in many cases.
  2. Filing For A Divorce: In most domestic violence cases, one cannot help but notice that the spouses are often the perpetrator. In such cases, one will generally try to sort things out between the couple to make things better for good. However, in case the attempt to resolve the differences between the couple, then the victim is only left with the option of divorce. Going for a divorce with a conventional approach can often be challenging as there are many legal complications to deal with. Therefore, hiring a domestic violence lawyer for the job can make the entire ordeal very easy for you.
  3. Filing A Domestic Violence Lawsuit: There are many laws in place to make lives better for the victims of domestic violence. However, the sad part is that not many people are aware of these laws, and even if they are, there is a lack of knowledge about how to proceed. This can result in one living with domestic violence for years and suffering in silence. However, seeking assistance from a domestic lawyer can help one easily file a domestic violence lawsuit. This lawsuit will help one recover all the medical, pain, suffering, and even financial losses caused due to the violence.
  4. Representation In The Court: Whenever there is any sort of legal case filed with the authorities, there also has to be a trial in the court to determine the authenticity of the case and deliver appropriate punishment to the perpetrator. That is when one will require an attorney to represent them in court. Therefore, a domestic lawyer can accompany you and represent you in court. This is very important for building a robust case with the necessary evidence to win the case. Consequently, this also enhances the chances of winning the case and claiming the damages.
  5. Getting The Custody Of Children: In many domestic violence cases, the perpetrator can also be a parent of your children. In these cases, the domestic violence lawsuit can result in complicating the aspects associated with the custody of the children. Hence you being the victim, would not want to lose the custody of your children at any cost. Therefore, seeking the assistance of a domestic violence lawyer can help you justify your case and increase the chances of you getting custody of the children.

In Conclusion

Dealing with domestic violence can be challenging for you both in terms of legality and emotionally. Therefore, it is always better to seek assistance from a professional like a domestic violence lawyer to simplify this ordeal and get justice for the same.

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Samuel Edmunds is an experienced Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney. Sam has tried countless cases in courts around the State of Minnesota & has consistently brought positive results for his clients.