Can I Sue The Driver Who Hit Me Even if I don’t have Insurance on My Motorcycle? – Guest Post

Sue The Driver

When it comes to suing after a two-wheeler person has got injured by the fault of a car driver, then it may have a lot of complications to it and whether having insurance or not, it is better to consult from personal injury lawyers Houston to discuss your condition and let your case be prepared so you can actually get better recovery possibilities.

However, if you want to sue a driver anyhow, require a specialist of the car accident, and want to prepare a strong case so you can be rewarded actual claim, then it is better to be in contact with Car accident lawyers Houston, set for proper process legally and it would help you to get better recovery assets if the fault is proved and you are defended well at court by your lawyer.

Before you think to sue the other car driver in such a hit and run case, there are a few things to consider, and they may include:

  • The actual possibility of fault
  • Your own physical condition
  • Checking for other driver insurance and these are a few things that do count more so you do not have to worry about your own insurance and can proceed to sue the driver who hurt you.

The responsibility belongs to another driver

In most cases motorcycle driver is considered to be more at risk, thus fault would go to the car driver and he or she has to take responsibility to provide support to the two-wheeler driver related to the injury, to help with actual medical dispatch, and other such elementary support which means that it is going to be perfectly settled even your motorcycle did not have insurance on your side.

No insurance means your company can’t help you

However, in concerns to your vehicle that may also require cover as when it got hit, there would be certain damage to it, but in case your motorcycle did not go for insurance thence it means that your company can’t help you with any requirement, whether it is financial terms to help you recover or your vehicle means to get repairing services, it all has to be arranged by some other means in case you did not go for insurance earlier.

All financial cover from the liable party

In some case Motorcycle insurance also cover liabilities, but if you did not have it, thence you may have to proceed to court to settle for proving the liable party and all terms of financial cover would rest with the car driver, the one who made you injured would have to look for all recovery assets in your relation, and this way you have to consider your condition legally to settle such term through a proper legal process at court for better recovery prospects in such accident.


To know more how you can apply legal terms, in what condition you may sue the other driver and whether insurance play role in such process or not, you can consider experts and can be in touch with Personal injury lawyers in Houston to get a better recovery settlement and also get better medical facility to get proper treatment and recover well.

However, if you think that car driver did it on purpose, you have strong evidence to support your condition and require a claim by such legal set up, then it is better to consult from Car accident lawyers Houston, discuss your case and arrange proper legal standard so your claim can be arranged and you can have better recovery prospects settled at court for you.

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