5 Tips to Build Your Criminal Defense Case – Guest Post

Criminal Defense Case

Nearly a half-million individuals, or ~ 3% of Florida’s adults, pass through the state’s criminal courts every year. Most of them were found guilty. If you face hefty prison time, you need to know how to build a strong criminal defense case to get out of such a difficult situation.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself if you have been charged with any offense or misdemeanor in Florida:

  1. Use Your Right to Remain Silent:

The 1st and foremost thing are that you should remain silent in front of your arresting officer. Everything you’ll say or do can use against you. Use your right to remain silent without trying to explain anything to the officer or even your friends. Don’t talk about the situation or post anything on social media.

  1. Hire The Best Lawyer Immediately:

After being arrested or even as a suspect, immediately contact the lawyer for help. Your lawyer should have all the knowledge and experience in such cases. Ensure to explain all the circumstances and the true story of the incident to your Orlando criminal defense attorney. The lawyer will help you to deal with the proceedings.

Your lawyer needs to know every detail to defend you properly and for your bail if needed. You can’t fight for your rights alone without knowing about legal procedures. You need someone to stand by your side and fight for you will all the required knowledge and power.

Florida is a state where you can’t escape from the law without proving your innocence. And to prove that, you need a lawyer of a well-reputed and experienced firm that is specified to deal with criminal law cases. Make sure to contact any such firm to deal with your case successfully.

  1. Discuss the Case Narrative:

For a good defense, your narrative should be convincing and believable. The court always wants you to explain your story from a different perspective. Your lawyer should be well prepared with a compelling presentation to win the case. Only a good lawyer can create a new perspective of the important story for your case.

To make the narrative more convincing, you should discuss the main point with the lawyer in advance. Your answers should be compatible with the lawyer’s words for the court to believe in your story. A single miswording can lead to serious circumstances. Ensure to prepare everything in advance.

  1. Evidence:

Evidence is the key factor in making the final decision. This evidence can make or break your case. The defense lawyer will help you by finding all the necessary evidence. Your lawyer will not only reveal the important information but also use other evidence to prove your innocence.

Anticipating the evidence that the opposite party can use against you is also the defense lawyer’s duty. Evidence can be any form like clothing, video/audio recording crime scene evidence, photographs, DNA samples, and other things. Only an experienced lawyer will be able to determine how to use each piece of evidence to win your case.

Exculpatory or physical evidence might vary with the nature of the case, and that change is what your lawyer can determine.

  1. Call for Witnesses

Summoning witnesses is a significant part of your case. Other than evidence, the 2nd thing that the court will believe is a witness’s statement. The role of a defense attorney is to find the witnesses that can state to prove your side of the story. He will contact all the witnesses that you highlight, talk to them, and ensure their presence in court.

A brilliant defense prosecutor knows how to use the opposite witnesses in your favor by questioning them. Witnesses have a powerful impact in any case, especially if they are the experts of their field and take the oath.


Dealing with a criminal defense case is a sensitive and difficult task. You need to know some important legal ways to deal with such situations. This article will surely be beneficial for you in such circumstances. Make sure to follow all these tips mentioned above to prove your innocence.