What do I do If I have a Bench Warrant for a DUI?

Dui Warrant

Question: What steps does my husband need to take to get a bench warrant removed for a DUI after missing court?

My fiancé got pulled over for speeding & got a dui and was put in jail. I bonded him out. However, he missed his court date due to stupidity and now his license has been suspended & he has a bench warrant or more. We have a baby on the way and we really need to get this resolved asap. He thought about turning himself in but he has a really good job and can’t miss work though. He doesn’t know what to do and it has me more than stressed out at 6 months pregnant. I just want him to get this resolved without doing a bunch of time in jail.



The first thing you need to do is contact a DUI Attorney or a Criminal Defense Attorney to set aside the warrants or get a court date to turn himself in and have a bond hearing. Your attorney will analyze his case and work out a good outcome.

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