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Top 4 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney-Guest Post

You don’t want to think about needing a criminal defense attorney. Unfortunately, sometimes, it is necessary to protect your rights and to have a strong defense. The U.S. Constitution guarantees everyone a fair trial, and that means you are allowed to be represented by the best criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis. Before you hire an attorney, you should ask prospective attorneys these top four questions.

Question #1: What Is Your Background?

You want to make sure the attorney has defended people who are facing similar charges to yours. Therefore, you should ask the attorney for their background. You might want to avoid an attorney who has not tried many cases that are similar to yours or if they are new to criminal law. The more experience an attorney has, the more likely the attorney will understand how different judges operate. They will know the process and the correctional facility personnel. The ones with less experience will have to build these relationships and knowledge of judges. This will make the difference when your case is heard. 

Question #2: What Is Your Approach?

Every attorney has his or her way of doing things. You need to know whether the attorney is a good fit for you. Therefore, you want to ask what their approach to different types of cases is. If you agree with that approach, you can choose that person. However, if the approach doesn’t match your thinking, you might want to pick a different attorney. You also might not like how they approach you as the potential client. You want attorneys who will make you feel calm and not stressed. You want an attorney that makes you feel confident in his or her abilities. You want an attorney who will put your needs and fears first. Attorneys should approach you with the temperament that matches the seriousness of the charges and your personality.

Question #3: What Is the Cost?

Whether your criminal defense attorney will meet your needs depends on many factors beyond the fee to retain counsel. Still, it is an important question to ask. Some defense attorneys are out of your reach financially. Knowing whether you could afford to hire an attorney is helpful information. However, you might be facing a case where one or two attorneys specialize. In that case, you won’t have many options on the fee. You also might want a particular attorney because the person’s style and personality match yours. This would be a case where you would pay the fee regardless of the cost. In most cases though, the cost is important and must be known before picking an attorney.

Question #4: How Are Fees Accepted?

You will want to know how payments are accepted. Some criminal defense attorneys are willing to spread the fee over monthly payments. Others prefer to have their payments through the half at the beginning of the case and a half at the end of the case. You might meet attorneys who could accept payments through new technology while others wish to have a credit card on file. However, your attorney accepts payments and will determine how much money you need to have to retain counsel. You might have to ask for help or get a loan. Asking this question upfront will help you plan your financial strategy.




Author bio: Criminal Defense Lawyer, Lynne Torgerson Esq. has nearly 30 years of experience in law.

She can handle all criminal charges, gun rights, all felonies, gross misdemeanors, and misdemeanors, throughout the State of Minnesota including the Twin Cities of Minneapolis / St. Paul.  Ms. Torgerson, Esq., graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double major, with degrees in political science and psychology.  Follow Lynne on Twitter @lynne_torgerson.






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