Is this cause for a motion to suppress?


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My son was pulled over and asked why he was in the area that he was. The cop stated his plate light was out and that the actual reason for the stop. 1 of his 2 plate lights worked. Plate is very well lit. officer ran his name and turned out he had a warrant un-beknown to us. He has no criminal background whatsoever I want to add. He placed my son under arrest for the warrant, nothing else was mentioned about the light, patted him down and asked what was in his pocket. my son admitted it was a pipe and grinder. The officer locked my son’s car and put the keys on the top of it. he then asked my son if he had anything else on his person. he said no but i do have weed in the console. cop leaned my son against his car and then unlocked it and got the weed out. then my son was taken to jail. isn’t there a statute that if the person is arrested for a charge that is anything other than what he was stopped for that any evidence found is inadmissible?


Criminal Defense Lawyer, R. Christopher Simons Answer

There MIGHT be argument for an illegal stop/search based on the plate light, but there is absolutely nothing preventing officers from using legally found evidence in multiple cases. You need to find an experienced criminal attorney to help your son in this case.