Got Into an Accident While Under the Influence? Steps to Take After the Fact – Guest Post


Accident While Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is a serious offense that can result in hefty fines, jail time, disqualification from driving, and other consequences. If you have found yourself in such an embarrassing predicament and are wondering how to proceed next, then look no forward. This article will advise what steps you need to take next.

1. Stop Your Vehicle to Assist

First and foremost, you need to pull over your vehicle immediately after the incident. Get to ascertain if there’s someone injured. If someone is injured, do your best to help them. Try doing first aid to help them regain consciousness. For example, you can clear any obstruction in their airway or lay them in a recovery position. If the victim is not responsive or breathing, try giving them chest compressions or rescue breaths. Continue to do this until emergency responders make their way to the scene.

2. Call the Emergency Services

As you tend to the accident victims, you should urgently notify the emergency services. You should give details on where the accident took place, as well as if there are any victims that need medical attention. The emergency respondents you will call include the police and the ambulance or fire department (in case of an explosion).

3. Take Photographs/Video of the Scene

Now that the victim is safe and the police are on their way, you can take your smartphone and start taking pictures and videos of the accident scene. Ensure the photo captures anything and everything that could be related to the accident, such as all vehicles involved, skid marks on the road, broken lights and windshield, etc. These will be used as pieces of evidence for the insurance claim later on. Being honest with all your evidence won’t harm your claim later on if you get caught hiding information.

4. Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer

Once you’re done taking pictures and videos of the accident, your next step will be to seek legal representation. Backing out of the scene is a crime. So, to avoid any charges that could be brought up against you, it would be best to consult a drunk driving accident lawyer. These lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in handling such incidents. They will draft a strong defense for you and help you reach your goals faster. Be honest about what happened from start to finish with the situation and they will be able to build a stronger case.

Final Thoughts

Driving under the influence is prohibited on all roads in the country. If you have been involved in an accident while under the influence, it’s important to follow the steps mentioned above. Also, ensure you don’t leave the scene until the authorities arrive. Even though it’s a bad practice, your lawyer will come to your defense to help overcome this mistake. Just be open, honest, and recount all that happened as the accident went down and your lawyer will do their best to defend you if needed.