I want to drop all charges I have against My ex G/F ?

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Question: I want to drop all charges I have against My ex G/F ?

I have reported my truck stolen from my house and my ex G/F is the one who stole it.so I pressed charges on her.well the Butler County sheriff office located my truck later on that night.. 4 months later she finally got arrested ,.I decided to drop all charges against her when i went to the prosecutor.2 days after i did they suppenna me to court,.I dont want to testify and i want to drop charges,on her,.will i get into trouble if i dont show up to testify



Unfortunately, the prosecutor is the one that decides to press charges. You can tell them you do not wish to cooperate, but they can still force you to appear with a subpoena. If you ignore the subpoena, the court has options to force you to comply, including issuing a warrant and bringing you to court by force. Some courts take this step, some don’t. You would have to speak to a lawyer in your jurisdiction to learn how likely a judge would be to enforce the subpoena, but even then there is no guarantee. You could also fight the subpoena with a Motion to Quash, but this can be complicated.


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