How can I get a mistake on my background fixed?

Question: How can I get a mistake on my background fixed?

I have a failure to return rental property conviction for a DVD back in 2002. It was a low class misdemeanor with a $25 fine. Around 2010 the state didn’t have a disposition on that case so they had the county enter it into the system. Someone click the box for over $500 instead of under $500 by mistake.
I was recently pulled over and arrested for being a felon in possession of a concealed weapon because of this charge. I’m not a felon.
The charges were dropped when the prosecutor could not locate the felony that I had been convicted of, and my firearm was returned to my husband’s possession, as somehow I am still seen as a felon. I’ve talked to the State and they need the county to correct their mistake. The county has destroyed the records and can’t verify that it is a mistake, even though it shows a $25 fine and nobody can think of a felony that warrants a $25 fine.
I was quickly fired from the best job I’ve ever landed because this showed up in my background after a few weeks of employment. It’s been devastating. Please help.



Sorry you are going through this. It sounds like it would be easily expungable. Have you spoken to an Expungement Attorney near the county this happened in?


Justin C. Hunt

Expungement Attorney in North Kansas City, MO