Flying With CBD Oil: Travelling Tips & Worldwide Legality – Guest Post

Flying With CBD Oil

‘What’s the safest way to travel with CBD oil?’ This question continues to boggle the minds of many CBD users who also happen to travel a lot. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a cannabis-derived compound believed to offer many health benefits. However, the fact that cannabidiol comes from marijuana means the compound doesn’t enjoy the same legal status globally.

While there has been a trend to decriminalize CBD products by various drug agencies in the recent past, the substance remains illegal in many countries worldwide. Therefore, it’s prudent to proceed with caution if planning to travel with CBD. This article looks at some of the tips for flying with cannabidiol oil. 

1.      Why Should You Travel With CBD?

The first question to settle before adding cannabidiol to your packing list is, ‘how do I stand to benefit from this compound?’ Now, CBD oil offers numerous therapeutic benefits to travelers. Most notable ones include 

·         Treating Jet Lag

Jet lag is a sleep disorder marked by a temporary disruption in the circadian rhythm due to traveling fast across multiple time zones. Although the condition is short-lived, it can trigger severe sleep problems while it lasts.

A lack of sleep can predispose you to other severe mental issues, including stress and anxiety. And A vape can be an effective tool to bring for a calmer traveling experience. Instead of smoking a joint pre-flight or during stopovers, you can get a cleaner dose of your liquid or product from vaping. For example, some people stave off anxiety, tiredness, and other jet lag symptoms by vaping CBD oil before long flights.

So, you can purchase CBD vape pen and administer the compound for jet lag and other sleep disorders. However, it’s recommended to buy the oil from a reputable vendor who deals in lab-tested CBD products sourced from organically cultivated cannabis plants. 

·         Pain Relief

Pain is another commonly reported problem by travelers. Travel-induced pain mainly results from extended periods of inactivity during long-haul flights. The most common way to manage travel-induced pain is using conventional analgesic drugs. However, such pills also hold some severe adverse effects.

Cannabidiol oil relieves pain by affecting specific endocannabinoid receptors that receive and relay pain signals to the brain. The compound may also alter the signaling of neurotransmitters responsible for pain management, such as anandamide. Also, CBD oil has a higher safety profile than conventional pain treatments. 

Flying With CBD Oil

·         Alleviating Inflammation

Travel-induced pain typically occurs alongside inflammation. Sitting for long hours on a plane could cause your blood vessels to swell. Not only can this result in pain, but it may also interfere with your blood circulation.

Thankfully, using cannabidiol oil while traveling can help alleviate inflammation. That’s because of the compound’s inhibitory effects on cytokines, a group of proteins known to trigger inflammatory responses.

2.      Flying With CBD Oil Domestically

Flying with cannabidiol oil domestically (in the United States) is relatively easy. That’s because the TSA doesn’t usually screen for cannabis goods. Instead, the agency focuses its screening on items that could pose a direct physical threat to an airplane and its passengers. That includes things like explosives.

However, it’s still important to proceed cautiously when planning to fly with CBD oil domestically. According to the TSA website, cannabis-infused products are only legal under federal law if they contain 0.3% of the main psychoactive weed compound–delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So, beware of the THC concentration of your CBD oil before carrying it on a plane. 

Flying With CBD Oil

3.      Flying With CBD Internationally

While you can legally fly with hemp-derived CBD oil containing only 0.3% of delta-9 THC across the U. S, the case may be a lot different in other jurisdictions.

Generally, CBD oil is legal in countries decriminalizing medical marijuana products, such as Canada and the United Kingdom. However, the composition of your CBD product could still determine its ultimate legality. Your best bet is to check the cannabis laws in the destinations you wish to fly to. This will help you avoid breaking the law and risking heavy fines or jail terms.

  1. Other Tips When Flying With CBD Oil

·         Carry Small Amounts Of CBD Oil

A 100-ml bottle of cannabidiol can quickly fly under the radar. But the same cannot be said about a 1-liter bottle or a few kilograms of dried hemp flower. Flying with vast quantities of CBD oil suggests that you could smuggle the product for retail and not consumption purposes.

·         Choose The Right CBD Oil Formulation

Cannabidiol exists in numerous formulations. There’s the traditional CBD oil and CBD tincture. Then there are CBD vape juices, topicals, CBD edibles, and hemp plant biomass.

Avoiding products that can draw undue attention to yourself when administering CBD is best. That includes CBD vape juices (which will invariably require a vaporizer and other vape attachments) and dried hemp buds (typically consumed by smoking).

  • Get A Medical Marijuana Card

A medical marijuana card can go a long way in protecting you from arrests if you’re nabbed with CBD oil in countries where such products are outlawed. So, talk to your medical marijuana doctor before traveling and have them facilitate the card for you. 

Flying With CBD Oil

Wrap Up

The ease of flying with cannabidiol oil mainly entails checking CBD’s legal status in the destinations you’re traveling to, along with checking your product’s composition and packaging. Hopefully, you can follow the above-reviewed tips the next time you’re planning to travel with CBD products.