Charged or not? No paperwork, court date was same day of release?


Question: Charged or not? No paperwork, court date was same day of release?

My partner and her sister got into an argument. My partner tried to deescalate, to walk away, and the sister blocked her path. At one point, the sister stole her keys so she couldn’t leave ans when my parter tried to reach for them, the sister shoved her.

My partner reacted and punched her shoulder. Sister called the cops. Lied and said she had been punched hard in the chest and that she had just been released from the hospital for lung surgery. (Wow)

My gf admitted to hitting her on the shoulder and she was arrested. The next morning she was released from jail without paperwork. She shows up on the “last 3 years of booking” for our county sherrif, but there is no case number, only a file number.

No mugshot.

According to the file, the court date was the same day she was let out of jail, but she wasn’t taken before a judge.

It’s been 6 months and we have heard nothing. What is going on? How do we figure this out?



There are a few possibilities: Either the prosecutor is still reviewing the file to decide to prosecute, the prosecutor decided not to prosecute, or she missed the court date and has a warrant for her arrest. You can try contacting the court to see if she has a charge/warrant.


Justin C. Hunt

Expungement Attorney in North Kansas City, MO